Compelling reasons for a remake of the Dam Busters

Written by Neil
It's therefore amazing that, as my father pointed out in the little building which documents this war crime whilst looking at photographs of the aftermath, that "we got the bugger right in the middle."
Who is this cnut, and does he need an Upkeep shoving up his arrse?

No need to remake the film, the 1954 version was definitive.
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...war crime...
To be fair, someone else on the site queries this, and although he doesn't exactly make it plain, he's quoting the German museum's view. He thinks it's tosh too.

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When I last looked at the Moehnesee Dam, I don't recall it yet having this symbol on it:

Maybe it is hidden away down the bottom end of the lake....

You know, where the would start their runs :D
DPM_Sheep said:
putteesinmyhands said:
If remade, would the aircraft be B17s?
No but Barnes Wallis will almost certainly be a yank.
They will all be yanks, or Ausies, or Kiwis, or South Africans or Martians or stoats. You WILL NOT see any Brits because there IS an agenda.

Mark my words, you'll see. You'll see. :cyclopsani:
I hear Mel Gibson is currently editing the script....

It was all the fault of the Evil English you know.

Esp that Barnes Wallace, laughing manically as brave Commonwealth, Scottish, Welsh and Irish not to mention a few "essential" Americans (without whom the whole Op would have failed), flew to their deaths but somehow managed to pull the whole thing off.

And that Bomber Harris was no better, murdering all those Ukranian and American, Scottish, Irish, Black, Lesbian, Single Mothers with disabilities working behind the dam.... for the Evil English speaking Nazis.

Guy Gibson, didn't actually have a dog called n***er. He actually had an African Slave, called Cuthbert. It was changed in the original film by the Evil English, to a dog.

And he didn't actually fly on the mission, as he had a bad leg on the day. It was actually a brave American tourist who was passing by and saw lots of despondant aircrew (mainly from America too), so without any training (apart from crop spraying in Idaho) bravely led them to the air with a stirring speach about freedom or some such carp.

The part where an American reservist crew, flying a prototype B-17, accidentally dam-busted the Ladybower dam in Derbyshire (because the Union Flags flying on it looked like Union Flag colored rockets) will be hushed up in the film.

Also the Americans came up with the whole thing.

And one American crew stopped off on the way back to free some POWs and steal an Enigma machine....
Nice one CF.
chocolate_frog said:
I hear Mel Gibson is currently editing the script....

Guy Gibson..
Hmmmm...... After reading Mel's treatment of the new script, I'm having visions of the new incarnation of Guy Gibson: Monocle, a lordly accent with a condescending "Haw-haw" (like Lord Cardigan) every time he speaks, an ever-present pink gin, a handkerchief up his sleeve, and his slave Cuthbert carrying a parasol to shade Gibson, and a fly-whisk to keep Guy free of flying gnats.

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