compatability with osprey.

Unless its changed in the last few months, which I strongly doubt, plate carriers are banned. The only body armour which can be worn is that which is issued. Plate carriers do not have the additional kevlar protection against low velocity fragments and splinters which osprey does.

If you're never going to leave Camp Bastion its not really an issue. If you're going to be on the ground, don't risk it. We lost a number of guys, all good blokes, and would have lost more had it not been for Osprey.

Depending on the task and length of patrol, we either used the issue assault vests (not ideal but functional) or the issued osprey pouches with cable ties to ensure they stayed on (I think they have now been issued with better pop rivets). Man-bags carried on the side were OK for short liaison trips or to carry extra ammo ready to hand, but they weren't ideal to fight from.
How are you meant to go prone with that thing on?


I just used a belt rig with Osprey using the issue pouches and some bought ones.....worked a treat..lot of my lads used viper rigs (SA one you carry less crap!) over the issue plate carrier...again no probs... :) only saw one lad with a warrior rig and of course was banned from using it....
Think it depend on the individual and role of course..... :wink:

Best of luck have a safe tour :)


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