Compassionate release for Royal Scot Killer

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sweatysock, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Triple killer Andrew Walker released from jail

    Triple killer Andrew Walker released from jail
    A former soldier who killed three of his colleagues in an armed robbery has been released from prison on compassionate grounds.

    Andrew Walker was a corporal in the Royal Scots when carried out the crime in Midlothian in 1985.
    At the time of his conviction, judge Lord Grieve recommended that he serve at least 30 years in prison because of his "callous disregard for human life".
    Walker, who is 57, was left severely disabled by a stroke in 2009.
    In October 2002, he appealed against the length of his sentence. It was reduced to 27 years.
    Walker was based at Glencorse barracks in Penicuik when he carried out the robbery.
    He signed out a sub-machine gun from the armoury and held up a military Land Rover which was being used to collect the army payroll.

    The three soldiers who were guarding the cash were killed in cold blood. Their bodies were found in the Pentland Hills.

    The money - £19,000 - has never been recovered.

    In a sentencing report made public at the time of Walker's appeal, Lord Grieve said: "A person who could bring himself to do what he did is not fit to live in a society which still regards itself as civilised.

    "This was a calculated crime. The accused, if he was to achieve his purpose, had to kill.

    "I am quite satisfied that the crime was carefully planned, and I am also quite sure that the substance of the evidence given by Walker was a tissue of lies."

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  2. And yet the innocent Peter Sutcliffe is still inside.
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  3. As with al-Megrahi, I'm sure they followed the rules and that's exactly how the justice system ought to work.

    However, I don't quite understand why the rules say that criminals should be treated with compassion under any circumstances - especially when it comes to crimes against people, such as murder or rape.
  4. I remember being told about this when I joined up in 1995 (although we were told he shot them from a distance with a rifle).
    The rumour being he buried the money on a training area.
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  5. Signed out an SMG and in cold blood killed three people eh! Seems to me he should have stopped in prison until he died.
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  6. This story has done the rounds in the Scots Div...... Suprised he got out though
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  7. He executed the escort with a SMG that he signed out of the armoury. Legend has it that the money is still buried in the Castlelaw Trg Area. For a man who killed 3 men in cold blood, to be shown compassion beggars belief.
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  8. I was under the impression that some of the money appeared in circulation after he was banged up, suggesting that he may have had an accomplice. If memory serves, one of the deceased had started to leg it and was shot a little way from the landrover. He should be left to rot inside.
  9. I bet the families of the murdered men are chuffed their loved ones will be springing back to life...

    Compassionate realease my arrse. He should have stayed in his cell until he oozed under the door.
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  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    It wasn't really. His sentence was reduced to 27 years on appeal in 2002 (convicted in 1985) so he was due to be released anyway.
  11. I never heard about this one, can't believe someone would do this to his mates, twat, hope he suffers his disability in agonising pain.

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  12. Shooting three blokes only gets 30 years?
  13. It did back then. If he did it now, he'd likely be out in time for next Christmas.
  14. Because he didn't like being treated differently to other murderers... despite being a cold blooded, manipulative triple murderer.

    BBC NEWS | Scotland | Army payroll killer's sentence cut

    And the shitter of it is, we have to pay for his upkeep as he is vs disabled (apparently)... leaving him in a pool of his own shit and p1ss, and lobbing food in every so often is apparently not on.

    Remember, he shot one bloke after forcing him to drag the other two bodies out of the vehicle.

    Can't be doing with the 'woe is me' attitude from utter cnuts. He killed three COMRADES in cold blood. Worse is that he can find people to argue his case.
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  15. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    No argument here. Only posting facts and as such, he was due out anyway; as vile a character as he is.