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hi i am after some advice. i have been in the army 5 years and now due to a run of ill health i require the help of a district nurse rather than a military one (as they are not qualified for the help i need). i currently am serving married un-accompanied and to get the help i need either need to move my family to my unit or get a posting home, although my local unit has told me they only want FE soldiers and would tell glasgow they would not be willing to take me. i do not want to move my family to me as i have 2 kids settled in secondary school here. any help and thoughts would be very welcome. many thanks
Every unit pretty much wants'FD' soldiers, I think 'FE' is now out.
It's unfair that a unit should say that, they probably wouldn't have considered your case fully.
without going too deep the answer is catheterisation apparently the nurses in my med centre are not qualified. the answer isnt about family care but about district nurse care, because i have a civilian home address this is, according to the med centre, the place where i can only get a district nurse too. so the choice is to move the family with all the dramas as above or move myself.
You will need to see your Welfare Officer and writre a formal letter requesting a compassionate posting, stating the reasons why etc.



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The Bull - I wonder if there is another option: self catheterisation, after adequate training for yourself. Then you would not be limited to location.
Assumining Urinary and not Cardiac and again assuming long term use, then you can be trained for self-catheterisation.

If it's not long term then I don't see an issue.

I can't believe catheterisation it beyond the ability of forces medical staff - it's a standard procedure for a lot of post-op patients.

Anyway - good luck.
Talk to SSAFA, they will certainly be able to tell you the correct procedure, form, bumf etc. The idea is that you get well and fit as soon as possible so the system should be sympathetic.
thanks for all your advice i already self catheterise up to 5 times a day but continue to get infections that means then i have to go on a flip flow type which then you need to have a district nurse help. the nurses in the med centre can get qualified but as we all know nothing happens overnight.

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