Compassionate Leave

Hi i have just seen my wife off this evening from our house as shes been zipped off by the JCCC (comp cell) to spend the last few hours with her dying mother the service was very good indeed 2 hours from start to finish before she was out of the door. Anyway what i want to know is how does the rest of the system work? on the JCCC website page it says that the comp cat A which is what comp cat she is is travel for all the family? At the minute i have my two kids to admin thats fine but at some point i will be needing to provide emotional and administrative support to my wife who at the minute is on her way to the UK i am in BFG. Will i and the kids get a comp cat? Free travel? Leave entitlement for funeral ect? any help on this subject would be greatly apreciated as i dont know a great deal never had a comp case before
Sorry to hear of your wife's problems.

Straight to your Welfare Officer. He will advise you. Ring the Guardroom, speak to the Ord Sgt or Ord Off and ask for the Welfare Officer's number. He should already know about you - if the system has worked.

Thanks for that im not that bothered yet i.e tonight ill speak to him tommorow all i want to know does the comp system get the rest of the family back or will i have to do it under my own steam?
This is the closest thread that I could find with regards to my own circumstances. In UK at the moment. Mother-in-law is being cared for in a home just a few minutes drive from our house. She is probably close to the end - sunken eyes and emaciated with age - will definitely not see the year out. However, I'm due to deploy to Kenya for 6 months next week. When she passes away will I be entitled to compassionate leave as a right or is this down to CO's discretion? Also, would the same apply if on ops?

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