Compassionate leave

Not sure if this is the right thread.

My wife is due to go into hospital for a major op, she will be in there for a week and then min of 6 weeks recovery (more or less bed bound). I have been told by my Unit clerk that I need to use my Annual or REN leave for this or I could use parental leave, but this is non paid and service time is repaid. After looking at the MOD website, it seems my situation falls within a CAT C compaasionate and that the CO or delegate can authorise upto 28 days leave that will NOT come of any entitlement.
By the way I have 2 children of school age that will also need lookiing after.
Any help would be appreciated.
Get yourself in front of your OC / CO asap and put your case forward.

The chain of command can indeed award Comp Leave.
Let us know if the accurate advice above succeeded.

And tell your unit clerk to put just a little bit more effort into the job. When you're sure he or she fully understands your point, you can then release his/her throat and put him/her down.
Army Leave Manual para 0407, invite your clerk to read it. It was true that you used to have used up your annual leave but this no longer applies.
Thanks for the advice guys. Leave cancellation has been put in and a letter explaining circumstance to CO has been submitted.
I also spoke with our Chief Clerk who confirmed all your advice.


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Just read this:

Go back to this wakner of a clerk and invite him if he would care to join you for a pint in a very rural pub. Then kick the lazy, idle and unhelpful gobsh1te to death :evil:

Good luck to your wife and wishing her a speedy recovery

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