Compassionate Discharge, Advice wanted.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Rob Mogs, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I'll not mention which unit I'm at etc but I'm after a bit of advice.

    I've re-enlisted as of July last year (2011) and am looking at a compassionate discharge for various issues personal and at home, my immediate coc does not know this yet and its being done through the cpn team.

    My question is, due to various reasons I still have 34 days leave left to take, when a compassionate discharge is granted/offered can I bang in my leave and request to not be fully discharged until my leave runs out? or will I only be able to take some of it?

    Main reason for asking is that I'm looking to join the hgv trade in civvy street and obviously cant be doing with working right up until my discharge date and then being left in the lurch for money in the time I need to find and prepare for the right Job,

    I'm currently in SLA so dont need to worry about married quarters etc....

    Basically all Im after knowing is whether I get any time to find and accept a new job, part of needing to leave is a financial shortfall thus the need to accept a higher paying job asap.

    Thanks in advance for any help advice given.

  2. Also just to add this may be happening within the next 4/5/6 weeks.
  3. Depending on when your discharge date is you will not have 34 days leave to take but will be entitled to (IIRC) approximately 2.5 days per month from March 31st.

    Once your discharge is confirmed, speak to your admin staff and arrange your booking out e.g. handing kit in, final interviews, return on MoD 90 etc. If you are able to arrange it correctly, I doubt they will mess you about and will be happy for you to do one asap.
  4. So your saying I'll most likely lose the leave that I so far have not taken? thats a bit of a loss, as I was hoping to have enough leave to take me until just after xmas, as our unit are being forced to take ALL remaining leave at xmas from december 14th, due to operational requirements next year, just wondering how it'll effect me as I've still 34 to take (if i was staying on)
  5. just calculated it and it'll still leave me with 21 days as of March 31st.
  6. Leave allocation is from March 31st 2012 - 01 Apr 2013, if you don't complete the whole year you aren't entitled to all the allocation.
  7. Oh yes! I'd forgotten about that, do I get to include the days that were carried forth from last year? as I'm not a big leave taker tbh, I had 15 days carried over,

    So I assuming I would count back from the End of April 13 2.5 days per month and subtract that from the days I have left to work out what I'm entitled to?
  8. You'll still be entitled to take any leave carried forward from last year (leave year, that is) plus any accured leave fromthis year - you say you have 34 days remaining - I take it you didnt take any eEaster or Summer leave this year then - your normal annual entitelement is 38 days this includes all public holidays - the way it works is as follows ...
    youo get 2.5 days per month from 01 Apr for ths year which givesa you 30 days if you are out in Dec then your annual entitlement for this year would be 22.5 days (rounded up to 23 days (working days)). Then add the public holidays - if you are not in service for any of the normal public holidays then you are not entitled to them ... ie Easter/Xmas/Bank Holdays etc ... Obviously any leave already tanken must be deduacted from this total figure and that what you will have left to take. I do however find it a little difficult to believe that you have only taken 4 days leave in the last 7 months as I'm pretty sure you will have had the various bank holidays at the very least !!!
  9. Monday morning - Typing with my elbows - good start to the week ......
  10. Quite a few of us have had days added on for various reason, one of which being op olympics, we were literally last week given an extra five days on our total.
  11. In Civvie street you can take pay in lieu of leave not taken would this apply to you as it would bump your money up?
  12. Would essentially be ideal but I somehow doubt it.

  13. It will never happen in the forces.
  14. ONLY if there was not enough opportunity to take said leave, if it was a case of leaving it all until the last minute and trying to get it all taken together unless organised via management, tough shit!
  15. So can they essentially tell me..... this is the date your out, and just leave it at that? do they HAVE to let me take any/some of my allocated leave or can I be left in the lurch?