Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by usmarox, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi all

    Quick question - do compasses become less accurate with age? I ask because I've realised I'm about to deploy on camp with on that's at least 10 years old.

    Nothing much doing now, but it'd be nice to be aware of it if it is.

  2. silva or prismatic?
  3. Silva - one of the kosher issue ones with an NSN
  4. Glorious. Thank you all.
  5. I depends on how and where they're stored. Magnetism can be affected by heat or exposure to strong electromagnetic fields, so look out for the ones that have been kept in a metal locker in the genny room.

    It's not a major drama unless the magnetism is completely goosed, since you should be calibrating it for ICE each time you go to a new mapsheet anyway.
  6. The thing that does degrade over time is the radioactive tritium which is used to make it the pointer glow in the dark. Tritium has a half life 12 years.
  7. The other thing that can degrade on the Silva and Suunto types is the fit of the bezel in the baseplate. If there's much play in it I'd indent for a new one.