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Hi there,
Just recently got back into hill walking, Im topping up some old kit and need to buy a new compass. Any recommendations out there? I wont be doing anything major so maybe one of the Silvas would do but its been so long since I took any notice of the newer kit that I may be well out of touch (like I seem to be with everything else) All advice gladly received
Silvas fine for hill work, no need for anything extravigant. A GPS is a handy thing to own but no substitute for a map and compass.


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Kebab compass ? Always helps me get home.

What was that ? Taxi for Pob02? ohhh right . . . ..
I second what B_B said (and you own thoughts)- Silva, certainly the compass of choice for me, when I was in the mob and now I'm a fat hill walking civvie. Compact, robust, reliable and does exactly what it says on the tin!
No thats the odd silva which is also a prismatic compass you want the basic 4/54 . I have one funny thing is the more map reading lessons i go to the newer it gets :?

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