compartment syndrome

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fencing_sabre, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. im a re-enlistment, i did have compartment syndrome itc catterick but hoping it dosnt come back but if it does, is pain killers good for numbing the pain ?
  2. From my experience army smarties don't work, but I suppose it depends on the severity of it. For me the only way to cease the pain was stop what I was doing, elevate the limbs and wait for the swelling/pain to reduce. Once the swelling reduced the pain faded. Unfortunately, that was only a short-term relief so for me surgery is the only way to resolve it long term.

    I would suggest seeking professional advice though as obviously I can only comment on my circumstances and I aint no Dr.

    One thing I can say is seek professional advise sooner rather than later as I was advised that the severity of mine could have been worsened by the fact I was fobbed off by a naff GP for quite a while and continued to try to push through the pain barrier which did more harm than good.

  3. I can fully understand your concern. I re-enlisted with an eight year gap in 2000; I was Medically Discharged in 1992 with compartment syndrome. I had an operation (on the NHS) to solve the problem (Military wouldn't do it as the success rate is low) in 1993. I have permanent nerve damage in my legs due to the operation (constant sensation of 'pins and needles' when I touch the inside of my legs). Mercifully, the operation was successful.

    You need to be confident this will not come back. Seriously. I would have hoped you would have addressed this before re-enlisting, considering the damage it could cause to your future career. As the previous poster rightly stated, seek professional medical advice via the AMS, best of luck.
  4. Just reviewed my post and realised how miserable it is! Seriously, seek medical help, but try not to worry too much. Unless it is really painful, swollen and a bad case (Ooh Matron!), you should be able to get past it, I have, and no doubt plenty of others. Surgery is a last resort, and I am sure others have had a better time of it than me.
  5. well i never gets swollen its just my right bottom area of my shin which kills after a while of hard tabbing, but i suppose it didnt help me going straight for infantry, and ive got basic in march in winchester so it shouldnt be too bad
  6. If you have problems already, go see your Dr.

    It may be possible to correct the problem with change of footwear/heel-strike inserts/specially designed insoles. You may even be tightening your laces too much; it really can be that simple.

    If you don't - it's your health. If you cause yourself repetitive injury that becomes permanent and will not settle without surgery, then it is your fault.

    You do have some time between now and March to try and sort this out. See your Dr; you really could do with a Physio referral. Look at it this way - do you fancy getting back in then being medically discharged for lack of attention to something important?

    Best of luck.
  7. Pretty much the same as me, 'cepping it was a med centre that fobbed me off.

    Had the right leg cut open and mucked about with, but they want to see if Physio will work before they opt for chopping open the left one.

  8. well it was just my right shin that had it, so im hoping it will go away soon
  9. Good luck mate, hope the physio is successful for you.