Comparison with RAF Intelligence?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by christy-int, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm currently in university and I have two applications running at the moment with the RAF and the Army for both their respective branches of intelligence (non-commissioned), for the Intelligence Corps, and the Intelligence Analyst trade.

    I've read a previous thread on here where another poster was interested in these two units and the feedback was quite interesting.

    Anyway before I bore you all to sleep I should probably get started on actually posing a question!

    There were some interesting points made on the previous thread about how RAF intelligence is seen as quite limited, where as the Army's Int Corps is highly respected in the intelligence community, with more varied postings and specialisations.

    Apart from this and from what the AFCO recruiters could tell me and what I could gleam from their respective websites, I don't really have any other information as to how these two compare. From what I can tell the RAF IA's forte centres mostly around IMINT, with some SIGINT and the occasional HUMINT operator, who collate information to help RAF operations which revolves around providing intelligence for pilots and helping troops mainly RAF Regiment near or around where they are based inside air fields?

    The British Army's Int Corps specializes seemingly in all types of intelligence but especially HUMINT, but maybe not so much IMINT? Their intelligence is mainly for ground intelligence and helping ground forces?

    This is all I can decipher from the very limited amount of information I've been able to gather. I've also been reading through the sticky's on this forum which have been proving really helpful. Obviously at some point in the coming weeks/months I will inevitably have to close down one of my applications to pursue the one I want and at the moment I'm leaning towards the Int Corps, as this seems to be the one with more 'clout'! :)

    Sorry to have drugged this out, I hope I don't come across as a "please spoon feed me an answer" type, but well, any help at all would be fab. :)

    Christy X
  2. RAF intelligence is seen as quite limited, where as the Army's Int Corps is highly respected in the intelligence community, with more varied postings and specialisations.

    You seem to have all the information you require
  3. If you send me some photos i can work out which Arm you should go in to?
  4. Christy, you should take heed of this. Intelligence is one of very few expanding areas in this era of cutbacks and the Corps is growing to fulfil these commitments, your life will be much more varied with more choices for specialisation.
  5. The other point to bear in mind is that intelligence is a prime candidate for going fully purple - i.e. integrated, tri-service - in the future; it's already common between the services to a huge extent, in terms of shared training etc. The Army is the biggest dog in this particular fight and the likely downstream purple int establishment will look a lot like the Intelligence Corps, with added matelots and pouffs.
  6. Thanks :)

    I guess people often want to ask questions they already know the answers to deep down, even if its just to clarify the answer to them selves.

    When you say tri-service, does that include the marines along with navy, or just navy? Is the intelligence work the marines do respected, if anyone has any knowledge of their work? I'm quite interested in ground based intelligence, and working with people so HUMINT would be my prefered choice in a ground based unit.

    Thanks :)
    Christy x
  7. No idea what the bootnecks do or how they work it, but i know they get a lot of their int from us in the Blue navy. The naval int branch is expanding and is possibly going to rationalise soon into an entirely new int based branch for ratings.

    Problem you have with the HUMINT side is that its tri service pretty much and run underneath a specific operation that anyone with 2 years service can apply to join so it doesn't matter if your Gods Own, a pongo or a crab, just apply, do the (fairly arduous) selection and bobs your uncle, your into the HUMINT world.

    Otherwise its mainly collation of information and then punching it up to your officer/PO/Sgt who'll then brief command.

    Why not consider the Navy? You'll get your two years of operational experience, will travel a hell of a lot more than Int or RAF, you'll do a varied job within the Warfare branch then you can specialise into the EW branch and work your way through the INT route and like I said eventually it'll be rationalised into a Ratings Int spec. Then if you want to do HUMINT, go apply for the specific op - and be aware you need to be at least 25 years old to do it due to various reasons as you'll be working with people.

    Hope that helps - and if I were you i'd consider officer, if you have the capability to go for it, do it as you'll have lost nothing as you'll be back where you began.
  8. The Corps of Royal Marines is part of the Naval Service. You'll find booties in pretty much all the nooks and crannies of the G2 world.
  9. Indeed, i'm just not aware of their specific pipeline - I know we have two senior NCO booties coming across to get their Blue Navy commissions and work for Naval Intelligence.

    Plus thinking about it, 'Christy' doesn't sound very blokish making the whole question academic :s
  10. Bootnecks have the CI branch, some good operators but in reality there's no focus at or above Bde level. There's a new bootie G2 exploitation unit just been set up as well.

    In reality 3 Cdo can't deploy without Army J2. We cover most of the stuff The RAF do, and with less buggering about. HUMINT may be tri service but it's dominated by the Army and in particular the Int Corps. The RAF are pretty amazing at writing the SAFire threat and not much more. As a girl the bootnecks aren't really an option which leaves you with the Navy. I don't even think it's currently a specialist branch there. As for travel. Yes you will get around. In a big grey boat full of fat half wits (if any of the navy docs I've seen are true). I've seen loads of the world in the corps from the US to Africa and the Far East.

    Your choice ;-)
  11. Actually my name is Chris but I've found I have to use Christy otherwise its assumed I'm a man, can't think why....*shakes fist at parents for stupid name!*

    I'm fully aware I couldn't join the marines but I thought it was possible to serve via an attachment as a HUMINT operator? I'm still a bit unsure as to women on the front line as I read women are not allowed on the front line in terms of actually serving in the infantry, but thought it was possible to be near the front line and performing in a support manner...or am I talking out of the proverbial ;)

    The main reasons I didn't consider the navy was I thought that I'd like to be on the ground doing ground-based intelligence, although I am open to the navy. Actually I have to admit some ignorance on the part of the navy, as I here’d via hearsay that there isn't that much to navy intelligence these days as it used to be *don't hurt me* but of course I have no further clue than that. I looked at the roles and saw CT and I understand this is the intelligence role for ratings? Oh and as for officer I do have the qualifications but I am completely and utterly not a leader! I hate telling people what to do, or even giving suggestions as I don't want to come across as pushy. Plus I here’d the role of officer especially in intelligence roles is to manage, whereas the ratings/lance corporals are the people actually doing the intelligence gathering and analysing?

    HUMINT is definitely where I'd like to end up, although I had no idea that you had to wait 2 years, not that I mind waiting. The army recruiter talked about HUMINT as if I could specialise in that straight out of training but I guess not? Oh and I had no idea HUMINT was tri-service. I thought it was very much under the guise of the Int Corps, and that some RAF were allowed to be HUMINT, so yes that makes things interesting. Although you do realise you've just made my options increase by one? Bastard ;) j/k!

    Yes choice is proving to be the problem :S May I ask what is Army J2 and SAFire threat? (And yes I did try googling it!). Oh and yes I know there’s no possibility of the marines (it might humor you to know I approached my local AFCO a few months ago about the marines. I didn't get further than the front door, subsequently having to visit another AFCO over twice as far to avoid the embarrassment of bumping into that recruiter again. My only excuse was having recently watched a documentary featuring women serving in the USMC) but I thought it was possible by being a HUMINT operator attached to the marines, like Corporal Sarah Bryant of the Int Corps who served with a SAS unit? Don't worry I have no aspirations to be a rambo I just want to be at the heart of intelligence gathering and knowing that my job could save lives, although I'm aware I could be doing that from where ever I am based i.e. being behind a desk or near the front line. I also know that I’ll be behind a desk no matter which branch I go for which I have no problem with but you know what I mean :)

    "Bootnecks have the CI branch, some good operators but in reality there's no focus at or above Bde level. There's a new bootie G2 exploitation unit just been set up as well. "

    I'm guessing that means intelligence on a much smaller scale. Surely they are in need of a HUMINT operator then ;)

    Thanks guys this is a real eye opener :)

  12. Ahem, I resemble that remark! No, wait...

    Chris, Most of the analysis and briefing is done at a more senior level as far as i'm aware, but the collation and gathering is certainly a rating's job - be it HUMINT, SIGINT and IMINT. I'd still consider the Navy and the Army over the RAF as the types of int you'll be dealing with will be a lot broader. The RN will tend to look at a more strategic scale as well, due to the very nature of the job - and don't be put off by wanting to serve on the ground, thats where most of our Int guys go right now for various reasons.

    To be honest its your choice, but to be unbiased for what you want, the green slime is probably your best bet. You won't go as many places, or be looked after as well or see as broad a spectrum of ops, but if you want to focus on HUMINT biased land ops its really the only place to be.
  13. Christy

    Realistically, there's an upper limit to the amount of information available from this forum. Were you to ask my advice, I'd advise you to approach the Army recruiter with a view to becoming an Operator Military Intelligence. Get on board, pass your Phase 1 at an ATR, get to Chickers and you'll start to see a more coherent picture of what's available and possible for you. Again, if asked, I'd advise you not to focus too hard on one means of collection or another - while that's interesting enough, what gets folk excited is what happens to raw data to turn it into intelligence, which is the clever bit and actually what the Corps is about.

    Are you any good at languages, he asked, innocently....

    Oh, and... the Navy? Nah.....

    As for the RAF, I understood you were interested in joining a *military* service, rather than the armed wing of British Airways.
  14. When I hear "Christy" I always think bloke myself and this fella in particular...


    Christy Moore...
  15. This may be a lame question but is it possible to visit Chicksands and get a better understanding of the Corps? Perhaps meet and talk with someone involved in recruiting? I only ask because my 15 year old lad is thinking of the Army as a career and I'd obviously like him to consider the Corps.