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Ore guys came home from telic last week . Saying they were treated badly and it was worse than telic 3 Now i did telic 3 and
we were kept amused by those who said compared to op finegal "this is shit" Not having done a tour before and hopefully not doing another one in this unit .My question is are these critisisms valid or do the rose tinted specs come down and the previous tour is always better than the one your on ?

P.S. Not really intrested in slander and whining (though feel free to get it off your chest ) just intrested in what people think ?
It depends on where you are on tour. It varies dramatically out here at the moment.
If you are at the A-Pod or "Shibetha" you are in no real danger, the rules are pretty lax and you can enjoy a beer/pizza/subway etc. basically sit back and chill out for your tour which many do then claim they worked hard while here.
The Shat hotel and the Palace are stricter with no drinking, and much less in the way of facilities. You can get a pizza at the Shat but not sure about the palace as only went there on route to else where.
Al-Amarah there is no drinking whatsoever and nothing in the way of facilities apart from the p******* welfare cabins. Even the NAAFI is almost always low on goodies.

So the moral of the story is, if you are in the rear you can have an easy tour, but the boys out on the ground have to work for it. It’s all the same medal though.

Not sure about Herrick though, thats in a couple of months at least....
It is all relative. On my UNFICYP tour in 1980 I got shot at. My second tour in Bosnia I was only in danger of death through boredom or for the last three months in a freak eating and drinking accident!
I was on Fingal in 2003 and thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Having spoken to the lads who have been on Telic recently, it seems the biggest dissatisfaction comes from the nature of employment. In Afghanistan the two TA platoons were fully enrolled in the operational cycle of the regular company and as such we felt included, and above all, useful. My former colleagues have told me that other than the occasional QRF or escort, they comprised the guard in what was effectively the third line defence. In addition, because they're not pounding the dusty tarmac every day, bullsh*t reigns supreme. Plus, and this was a major factor, Fingal for infantry was only a three month tour - just enough time to get a sad on, then leave. Stagging on for a full stretch is not what us steely-eyed dealers of death joined for, ne c'est pas?
As stated, tours are completley dependent on where, when and what you do

I throughly loved my tour of Bos, accom wasn't bad, just crowded but at least I was in a corramec and not a tent, some camps were lush wheras others were dives. For example Banja Luka was all nice corremecs and hot showers but the evening entertainment was shite wheras the cloggies where in tents but had a fantastic bar that I spent many an evening in. Jobwise, yep it was SFOR and not many were shootingat each other however I spent a lot of my time on the road and a lot of people were still being hunted, so the danger was there but it wasn't an Ireland.

Talking about NI, I love the way some dismiss the place as a non tour, true feck all happens now and the arguement against a medal is a good one, but I was (un)fortunate to be there when it could get a little hairy, so if a blanket stacker off the latest Telic wants to look down on my one inch, we can have a little chat behind the cookhouse :wink:

But if you want a cushy tour nothing beats my Gulf tour, never got further than Cyprus and got a dangly laughing :D :D

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