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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by REMEbrat, May 7, 2013.

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  1. Is there a website with an image that shows the difference in the 3 versions of mtp the British Army has used over the last couple of years?
  2. Three versions? There is only one version of MTP

    I've a rough idea what the answer is going to be as to the three types though....

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  3. I thought there had been other companies claiming successfully copyright infringements.
  4. Then surely they're not MTP as issued......but a copy, you may be thinking of Vista which is remarkably similar

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  5. These companies claimed then Crye mtp used by British Army is actually a copy of their multicam camo.
  6. Multicam is a Crye Precision trademark, if material is not made by Crye then it's not Multicam, AFAIK MTP is a variant made under license from Crye for/by the MOD, the Aussies also have a MC variant.

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  7. On a battlefield countersurveillance course a few years back several different types of camo patterns were displayed in a woodland setting for comparison purposes (along with the use of thermal sights to see that side).

    The old style DPM was by far the best - although they didn't have any MTP at that time.
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  8. The current versions availible that are up to mill standards would be Crye Multicam ,Mod only Issued MTP, Vista ,and the newest on the market and closest to the issue MTP is EREBIS.
  9. Tomorrow im afraid boxy ,I don't have a picture to hand Doh !
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  10. 2013-1.jpg
    left Multicam top vista right EREBIS centre MTP

    side by side ,vista left ,EREBIS right
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  11. The main difference between MTP and Multicam (as with DPM and Woodland) is the spray effect on the edges of some of the blocks of colour.
  12. known as a "brush stroke" like pattern by many and in multiple directions ,Multicam however is pretty linear (horizontal )