Comparing basic training in the Regular Army to the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crivelli, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Have been giving a little thought to what the differences are in terms of content. 12 weeks basic Reg Army training includes some time for adventure training, a jolly to see some WWII battlefields and a fair few hours of phys, none of which will be included in TA basic (I presume).

    Assuming boths basic training will cover the same soldier skills, does anyone have any idea as to how much time is actually spent in comparison?
  2. Well, as someone considering joining and thinking about the training I started thinking about how much of the 12 weeks basic training for the Regular Army was actually spent on learning the soldiering skills and whether TA "basic" really is that much less if it focuses purely on the soldiering skills.

    Field exercises take up about a week for Regular training, you don't spend that many days on the ranges. If you have to deal with the physical side of training in your time that must cut a chunk of the training time down. You don't have the "settling" in time of Regular training with medicals and kit allocation etc (I presume they're not included in the 2 weeks Phase1 training for TA), visits with the Padre.

    I just wondered if someone knew the actual figures.
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