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Is there are distinction (in some places here in this rugged community) between Free Speech and Freedom of opinion or in indeed Freedom of Expression? I only ask this as a victim of some rather "enjoyable" moderation.

It seems to me that after an absence from here of some considerable time (I had been concentrating on blogging) there seems to have been some attempt at censorship or am I being over sensitive about this?

Whilst I do not condone outrageous breaches of current legislation I do feel that many people are confusing many of the so called "phobia" with breaches of the Law of the Land. This is the land where simply to have an alternative ( some may say "old fashioned" or Traditional view of life) are descended upon by Plod or some sort of pseudo plod and threatened with punishment of some sort. Now, I think that we still have a right to Freedom of Speech AND expression which in many cases may well be contrary to some minorities view point in today's "enlightened" society.

It is often that these newly protected groups seem to have the weight of the law on their side regardless of their view of those of us who they consider, old fashioned, traditional, out of date, Christian, right wing, left wing or indeed inhuman.

So with my tongue firmly in cheek and clamped between my teeth at the same time ( in deference to equality and balance of course) I simply asking that we are allowed with out fear of retribution to voice an opinion or view without the whole thread being deleted for fear that some may answer in extreme fashion. Just "lock" the thread?

Thank you

PS: Contributors (in the defence of a colleague of mine here who was attacked ) who wish to attack others should read their victims profile first as often assumptions are made about age, former rank or length of service which are quiet wrong. Fortunately for me none of these considerations worry me for my rank and service were far too insignificant to count. ;-)
I moderate another forum (a sport one) and I can understand WHY the current line has been taken but that still doesn't make it very pleasant.

One thing you need to get clear though, there is no such thing as free speech on a forum, only what the board moderators and owners let you away with. For example, if they decided they didn't want any ginger geordie infantrymen below the rank of Sgt posting then that's their choice, it's their board.

As long as they do not allow persecution (note: persecution != critical opinion) of others based on any discriminatory criteria (sex, race, religion, sexuality, etc) then they can allow, or disallow, anything that they see fit.

Unfortunately, commercial reasons often dictate the tone of moderation.


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The terms & conditions you agreed to when you signed up to this site said:
You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of this website have the right to remove, edit, move or close any message at any time should they see fit.

I have no idea what you are on about!

I can only guess you feel the need to spout some racist bilge.
*sigh* For the Nth time.

Britain does not enjoy, nor has it ever enjoyed "Free Speech". There have always been things which a Briton cannot state in public without feeling the hand of the law. So can we please put the ridiculous notion to bed?


You couldn't make this up.

Tonanti216, you posted a hearsay account of what an actor might have said during a live TV program and then posted the number of said actor's agent, presumably so that once the more bovine members of this site had started up their outrage bus, they would then bombard the agent with phone calls. If such a campaign had started, it would only have led to trouble for this site. Clearly we cannot allow this.

Grow up. Thread locked.
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