Compare DVD Prices. (Now CDs & Videogames too)

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by BFG 9000, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. Greetings all,

    What Should I Pay?

    A little gizmo to compare UK (sorry SPAMS) DVD Prices.
    It's still in development & it looks very ugly, but it does work.
    All prices are shown including carriage.
    I May add Computer games if the demand is there.


  2. Sorry to sh*t on your parade BFG, but do you know this has already been cracked by another website and looks all over the world for the best price not just the UK?
  3. Sounds good to me.
    What's the link?


  4. Hmm..

    The first thing I tried was a search for ' 24 ' (it's in the list of popular searches on the left).
    They return one result - I return thirteen.

    There may be room for me yet.

    I like the site though - I may well go international yet.......
  5. I'm a big movie fan mate, so any website that helps me track down DVDs at a good price is welcomed. I've just looked for an old Gerry Anderson title and your site found it cheapest! Well done!
  6. Excellent - although I'm having a problem with the links at the moment.
    Should be sorted tomorrow.


  7. Just had a look on the site. It does it for me well done. :D I'll pass the link to my mates.
  8. BFG, is it possible to get your website to replicate against eBay too? Say for the last few hours of an auction for a particular DVD? And does your site give the total including P&P?
  9. I'm liking this more & more (& I know I'm blowing my own trumpet - I'll stop now).
    As an example The Bourne Supremacy ranges from £5.99 to £21.63

    What a bunch of robbing barstewards WHS are!!


  10. Hmm.... I hadn't considered ebay, I'll give it some thought though - my initial instinct however is that it wouldn't be possible.
    Taking the above example of The Bourne Supremacy, there are currently 54 auctions listed - way to many to compare.

    All Prices on my site are INCLUDING P&P.



    EDIT : I've just re-read Gunnys post & it may be possible to display the top 10 prices from this page along with the results.

    I'll get back to you.
  11. I want 5% ideas fee if you make it big time!
  12. I tend to pay commission in Guinness, I trust that'll be acceptable?
  13. Your the man!!