Comparative index for Sepic, Brit and Kraut Old Bill

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bugsy, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. I've been on t'interne tnow for fücking yonks and I haven't found anything remotely like the rank comparator that's one of the stickies for Army ranks on the forum, but which encompasses the police service in various countries.
    What I'm looking for is some sort of table that makes clear the rank equivalents between Septic, Brit and Kraut Old Bill, whether they're in a poe-lees role or CID.
    I've found shiteloads of sites to date telling me all about Septic "detectives" and "lootenants" (aarghh), or Brit "constables", "detective inspectors"and such, and also German "Wachmeistern" and "Kommissare", but nobody actually pulls it all together and produces any sort of comparison!
    It could well be that I'm too thick (being Irish) to hack in the right words into the search I'm conducting, so I'd be everso grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction!

    Another point (which has nothing at all to do with what I'm researching, but is intensely interesting to me), is that The British Police are referred to and "Plod" or "the Old Bill". How did these epithets come to be? Why "Old Bill", and why "Mr Plod"?
    I await answers from Veg and his colleague. I'm sure they can enlighten me.

  2. PC Plod was (is) a character in Noddy:

    Old Bill, no one knows:
  3. Bugsy7, rank comparisons are very problematic between foreign police forces. With the military, OTOH, you can say "Oh, a British Bn is the size of a US regt so a Lt. Col is the equivalent of...." but you can't really with (for example) US and UK police. Why? Three obvious reasons spring to mind:

    1. What is the police? For example, in the US you have the FBI (In Germany the BKA, who's officers have military ranks like Colonel). It has a very flat rank structure and it's agents aren't actually police officers although they hold law enforcement powers. You can't, in any meaningful way, therefore compare a detective constable serving on the National Crime Squad with a Special Agent on the FBI. This will change when the SOCA comes into effect in April, but again the comparisons won't be easy.

    2. Structure. The Metropolitan Police Service has over 30,000 coppers. The fictional County Sheriff's Department of Somewhere, Ohio, has (ooooh, I'd imagine) twenty-six. An Inspector in the Met commands more officers that the Commissioner of Somewhere, Ohio. Discuss.

    3. Ranks versus Role. In most US police departments "Detective" is a rank whereas in the UK it is an appointment that confers no authority whatsoever. A US detective is a technical grade like a senior corporal in the British Army, or a junior sergeant. In the UK police service he is a constable that holds the appointment of "detective." So there is no equivalent rank between a British DC and a US "Detective" and even pushing the boat out and saying that a British DS is a bit like a US Lieutenant is difficult.

    A very, very rough stab at US/UK police ranks, assuming a size of force equivalency (say a big US urban force like LAPD and a medium sized UK county force like Hampshire) might be:

    UK: Constable
    US: Patrolman

    UK: Detective Constable
    US: ---

    UK: Sergeant (uniform)
    US: Sergeant (uniform) This is the nearest equivalent supervisory rank I've found between the two countries, BTW

    UK: Detective Sergeant
    US: Detective/ Lieutenant

    UK: Inspector (uniform)
    US: Lieutenant (uniform)

    UK: Chief Inspector/ Superintendent
    US: Captain/ Major

    Sorry I don't know much about German police, more familiar with the French system and have a bit of experience with our friends from the Garda. Lastly, the International Police Federation is an organisation I'm not particularly familiar with, but has lots of people interested in such issues who might put you on the right track.


    (Edited because I can)
  4. Thanks for repying, scalieback, and I very much appreciated the sites you presented, but I really, really am interested in my original inclusion - which is the comparison of Septic. Brit and Kraut police ranks! Thanks a lot anyway!! :D :D :D :D :D