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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by happyshopper, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone out there know where the regulations are laid down that enable us to collect monthly subs from private soldiers, or soldiers under training? If it is actually legal, who would keep / record the account?
  2. It might be worth asking this in the AGC forum.
  3. Easy:
    Hands up which of you feckers who does not want to do christmas duties.
    All hands go up.
    Then put a tenner into the box for Platoon subs.
  4. This might fit the bill, QR 5.613b, although there is no etc after 'rifle clubs' the legal buffs on the site could confirm this. Would a Coy bar classify as a 'regimental amenity'?

    Voluntary Regimental Subscriptions
    a. All soldiers may subscribe voluntarily to a regimental association as part of the Day’s Pay Scheme, provided that
    the president and treasurer of the association are commissioned officers on the active or retired list, that the
    association is of a non political character and that a minimum of half the income is devoted to the benevolent
    assistance of reservists, ex soldiers and their families in need.
    b. Voluntary Day’s Pay Scheme subscriptions in respect of a above are not to exceed the equivalent of two and a
    half day's gross pay a year for each soldier. Voluntary regimental subscriptions in addition to the above in
    connection with regimental amenities such as sports clubs, regimental journals or rifle clubs are not to exceed 10
    per cent of the daily rate of pay of the lowest paid adult soldier in each month.
    Commanding officers are to
    ensure that the voluntary nature of such subscription is made clear to all subscribers and that the amenities in
    question can be maintained only by the general support of all ranks.
  5. Hoofin, Cheers Snollygoster, just about to smash that in front of the 2IC as he's been forcing the boys to pay Coy subs through fear of being ASBO'd. Beautiful, thanks again.
  6. Everything is voluntary in the Army:

    Mess fees
    PRI subs
    Regtl Fund
    Days Pay

    But look at all the value you get for your hard earned cash:

    Functions in messes that are too expensive to attend
    A new kettle now and then when the old one blows up
    Charity from your capbadge when you are living in a paper box.

    Personally, I would rather keep my money and invest it in BP (whose shares are quite cheap at the moment)!!
  7. I'd say that Dit is more to do with the "One day pay scheme" that many Regts / CORPS run in order to pay for CORPS sproting event and the Welfare of Soldiers in need.
    Coy Subs is a different beast and I don't think it is included in QRs, this fund tends to be for leaving gifts, flowers for Soldiers wives that have had babies, Coy Functions and all that good stuff.

    It is based on voluntry payment, however, how crap would life be in a Coy that cannot afford a Xmas function. As always, if the fund is run for the benefit of all members it is a good idea. It should not be used for purchasing the OCs stationary because the Stationay budget is Nil!!