Company Signaller 3 Para Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tangosix, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    this may be all in a days work for some of the steely eyed dealers of death round here but when I read it I felt rather proud of a local boy who's done well and of the local paper for giving credit where it is due.
    I can forgive them a few errors when they put a story like this on the front page:


    Edited to add picture.

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  2. XXXX_XXX of XXXXXXXXX says well done son
  3. Is he a Scaley or a Para then?

    I can't forgive the referral to the Royal Corps' as the "corps of signallers" no matter what the matierial around it.

    No "Royal" and no capitals either. And what the fcuk is signallers!!!!

    It is actually worse than the "Royal Signals Corps" that we often get called.

    Good on him though. And a good big up for the local boy story.
  4. Well done that soldier.... excellent!

    Not well done that journo... fcuking poor at best!
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Which units cam up their weapons?

  7. He is a Signaller. (well member of the correct: Royal Corps of Signals) as shownby the 216 DZ flash.
    The jurno should be made aware of their inaccuracies and then make a donation to the ABF.

    Well done mate you did the Corp proud and may I ask about the Princess Mary Medal, not heard of it before??

  8. Me neither, but on the grounds she was our Colonel in Chief at one point it appears there is an award within the Royal Corps bestowed for meritous service particularly where keeping comms in, rather than joining in battle, was getting hairy.

    Can't find anything on t'internet.
  9. Me niether, wait out chocolate frog Mrs Stilts is going t check the medal book "bible" to find out more

  10. Hmmm.

    216, fixing line under fire.

    Do you reckon a new picture should be in the offing? An update on an old painting perhaps, so the young lads can relate to the actions depicted more?

    How about "Go to it 2" (this time it's personnel :p ).

    "Go to it"
    Corporal Thomas Waters of 5th Parachute Brigade Signal Section was awarded the Military Medal for laying and maintaining the field telephone line under heavy enemy fire across the Caen Canal Bridge on D Day 1944.

    A recent discussion with the youngsters in the Troop revealed they seemed to have no grasp of who some of our greatest names were (Monty and even Churchill) or where some of our greatest actions took place.

    Obviously that has been rectified as best as I can.

    However, this would be something ALL could relate to. After all most of 'em have been out to Iraqistan, and those that haven't are aware of these places.
  11. With regards to the above post, have you been to Pegasus Bridge? Fcuking outstanding flying by those Glider Pilots to land so near to it, there are stone plinths that mark where the Gliders landed, unbelievable flying skill.
  12. Glider Pilot Regiment, Army Air Corps at Pegus Bridge: