Company Raffle for Help for Heroes

This normally goes to a local hospice but this year it was decided that the proceeds from the raffle would go to H4H's

Yesterday, Friday 18th December 19, 2009 The company I work for had a raffle of goodies that had been received as gifts from suppliers and customers. The company also threw in some extras like a 22” LCD TV, a digital camera, Wii Sport, an IPOD and a couple of Help for Heroes teddy bears.

I don’t know yet the total amount that we’ll be sending to the good people at H4H’s HQ when I know I’ll update this post.

I posted this on here because the company used to make the hydraulics and rams for the Chieftain Bridgelayer and the link is that I was in an AES in Iserlohn at in Munsterlager for most of my career.

I also won a bottle of whiskey, the digital camera and £20 worth of M&S vouchers.

This is the company website which I look after

(Previously known as APPH Precision Hydraulics Ltd)


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