Company of heros

It's great mate not a first person shooter more an RTS but you can zoom in/out on the action etc sounds are good but a decent graphics card is needed to get the best of it missus bought mines got it from Game on Pre-order and it came with a gree game of warhammer might not be everyones cup of tea but 2 new games for the price of 1 isn't bad
Got the demo and loved it, even if my computer does isn't built for it in the least. Water looks like snow on as a result of my weak graphics card :(
I'm game bud PM me your details :D i'm sh1te at the skirmish mode anyway
Tip for you if your playing the campaign mode. When you get to the Carentan level were you are supposed to capture the town hall. There are 3 bridges on this with no enemy on the other side use one of your para sections to place mines/barbwire on them and leading up to the approaches. Go back and finish off the level. The mines and barb wire will remain in place for the next level were you have to defend the town square against Stugs and troops Doing this will give you more time to place mines etc nearer your positions oh and add a few M/G posts near them to deal twith the German engineers
Just ordered it - played the demo, what an amazing game!
I got it. Wow, the single player has a real spike in difficulty very early :(
Yeah, but you soon get used to it. "Engineers, eyes and ears!"

I love it!

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