Company of heroes

Has anybody played Company Of Heroes on the PC ?????

I am contimplating buying it, but i am not sure if its much cop. If anyone has played it please can you send some reviews.

The graphics look good but as for the gameplay...looks a bit like Commandos to me.

I want a decent RTS in the style of C&C but that is military WWII or Modern based....Any Ideas? C&C Generals is the closest i have found. :?


I’ve got it.
Very much like C&C but bloody hard, I got stuck early on with one of the tank missions and haven’t really been back to it.
Got it about 2 months ago. One of a few RTS games that I have in my collection that I have enjoyed doing. Upto the tenth campaign mission which I restarted 3 times to yet achieve the final objective. It can be pretty challenging at times. If you google CofH you will find quite a few sites with reviews and some good walkthroughs.
As a rating out of 10 I would give it 8. Graphics are very good.
I got it when it first came out and stopped playing it when I got stuck on a level where you are supposed to assault the top of a hill because it was too difficult, and not much fun tbh.
Really good game and pretty easy to pick up as for these lot their just sh1te at it :D completed it as A_L says there is a tricky level even harder when you have to defend it :wink: . I found by building and deploying lots of mortars worked very well. Also good that you can zoom in/out of the screen.

PS another tip when your holding the town square against attack don't kill the Germans in the town office use some troops to go round and mine/wire sandbag sections tat wipes out most of the German armour during the counter attack
Well worth it and gets the brain thinking a bit
Buy it you wont regret it. I was in the beta and brought it the day it came out. And it isn't that hard just got to use the old brain to get through some of it.
I completed it and thought it was really good, some of the missions are nails, well worth buying though as seems to be a lot better than some of the games out there, good effect is when your troops are fighting and you move somewhere else on the map and can hear the fighting in the distance from where you have just been etc.
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