Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by dingerr, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Just started playing this. Its really good although a little hard and thats on the easy level.

    Its a standalone program and not an expansion pack, so you don't need the original CoH to play.

    A few pain in the arrse things:

    Takes forever to install.

    Uninstalls the Original CoH automatically.

    When you first start the game you have to register then everytime you start the game after that you have to login. Therefore i don't know if it will work if people are not on the internet.
  2. I got it aswell. At last the British are involved. Seams like the Americans do everything. The activation is one big pain. Still im really enjoying it. Takes a while to get use to but i love it. Still them Tank destroyers are a right pain in the ass.
  3. I find that a good mix of a large infantry grouping just about solves everything.
  4. bit confused by this - i'm on ops and not got internet. doesn't stop me playing it - it just checks the cd every time you start it. have not registered or anything and it plays fine.

    am i guessing that you are trying to play without the disc in? cos that's the only explanation i can think of, from looking at the blurb. (it says something about - if you want to play without cd in, register and log in)

    oh by the way - it's pretty good :)
  5. Is that so they think your working, otherwise yes you are on the internet, or otherwise im not.
  6. i have welfare internet, but can't get internet access with my laptop :roll: