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Well seeing as I missed the original post, I'm mighty glad it got mentioned again! Downloaded it overnight, and shall be kicking the arrse out of it this afternoon. Once again, I'm on as Bruxy.
Bruno - I'm looking to download it, and the cheapest I can find is all 3 for £26.97 on Steam. Is this the online version?

I already have the original and opposing fronts - if I install these will I get into the online version?



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If you're paying for it, you've got the wrong version! Go to THIS LINK, sign up and hit the "download now" button. It's like 6GB, of which some will go stupidly fast and some will drag, but it's worth it.

The paid version is basically the same single player campaign, with expansion packs you don't get in the free version (yet), and less in the way of multiplayer.

Downloading now...
Ok, downloaded, done the training missions and 1 match against the AI (which took ages for me to figure how to setup against the AI).

Cant work out how to add friends, or buy "cash" - so I cant see them making too much money from it.

Can you add me Bruno - I'm "Scavenger"




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Friends are added by commander name rather than account username, which is annoying. I've had issues adding people but I'll see what I can do!

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Edit: Scav, I think I managed to add you as my Allied commander, Bruxy. My Axis commander got an error when I tried, but no such error appeared for the Allied guy. I'm assuming there's now and invite sat with you, as I can't view "pending invites" to see if anything's moving. Thing is, I'm pretty sure there's no restriction on who you can add as a friend, regardless of which side you're on... all very strange if you ask me! Probably just the usual joys of beta gaming.
Added both players Bruno. When we having a game?!! I've mainly been playing 3v3 and 4v4 games, and about 50/50 win/lose. Enjoying it, but I'm finding I keep relying on the same units - engineers, MG, mortars, AT gun, bunkers, Flak 88 and the odd panther.

I haven't even built a sturmarmoury yet.

So fancy a game?
Yup! Got a lot going on at the mo but when I see you on I'll give you a shout.
Only one of the best RTS games ever!

I thought they had said there was still some life in the franchise and they were considering other options?

A Pacific or Eastern Front campaign would be great. I think the modding community have made some really good progress in this regard but there are certain hard-coded limitations (not being able to re-crew or pickup weapons) which are hampering efforts...

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