Company Of Heroes: Gold

Ok, here is the list of problems I have:

1) Games take ages to install, I assume it goes the vanilla copy Company Of heroes (GOTY edition) followed by the standalone expansion 'opposing fronts'. On other places I have heard differently, but i wish to confirm before I re-install, as it takes about 2hrs.

2) Control Points, Sandbags and the Sky are all pink.

3) The games won't patch up, and then have errors and fail on me.

Has anyone else bought COH: Gold and worked out these problems? I have contacted Relic/THQ support, but no word back for ages, and I'm growing impatient at having these games lay about.

Any help appreciated. :)
I found it best to completely uninstall it, then install the original and then Opposing Fronts before patching it.

Though I did have the original for some time before buying OF. It was a right nause to add OF hence the full reinstall.

Though I am a confirmed IT Mong (mmmlllaaarrr) so it may not work for you as it did for me.
What graphics set up (card + drivers) are you running? It may well be your PC just isnt up to task (CoH can be quite demanding), the pink artifacts defo sound like a graphics card/driver issue. You also may want to try changing from the default file path for installing it - so it doesnt conflict with any previous files left by an old install.
In this little assessor window that popped up it said that my graphics card was 'great'. The only one that met the minimum was my PCU, however that runs vCOH with no problems at all.

My current situation is this:

Both games on now, no, pink stuff.

However; some objects come up with a blue box with 'missing rgm' or something. Having read around however, it looks like this is just a matter of patching up.

EDIT: Problem of boxes solved after I (for the third time) manually copied the trouble file from the disc and replaced it in the COH files.

I'll be damned if i'm going to patch the game up right now, not until I have got a good amount of game time in first :lol:
I was speaking to a friend about it being stupid that you have to install COH then patch it up, But he said all you need to do is install COH and then Opposing Fronts then just patch that.
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