Company of Heroes 2

Downloading now via Steam - I know it will drop in price faster than a brides nighty but the first was such a great game I have high hopes!


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Did you miss the pre order bonuses? Check the E3 thread and see if any of my codes are still valid.

I stumped up the 70 notes for the special edition as it's easily one of my favorite franchises and I didn't have a Steam version of the originals.

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Im pretty into it, i never played the first one on line but this is enjoyable, although I havnt won a single game in a week, even when I play 4 x 4 the team gets stuffed but I suppose thats because we always do our own thing, I like artillery, mortars, anti tank defended by machine guns but then some engineers manage to walk around be and torch all my men.

The rate you acquire points seems a bit slow but its the same for everyone, i usually start sending the engineers to capture a point or two to get resources but by the time I have replaced them with even the lowest units Ze Germans are usually counter attacking my flags with some decent units.

Just got to get a winning formula, off to Sydney on the red eye tomorrow otherwise I would be up until midnight again!


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Worked out any decent strategies yet? Even against standard AI I find myself swamped with flammenwerfer half-tracks before I've managed to churn out my third infantry section.

The one thing that annoys me the most is that 90% of my games end - even in my favour - seconds after I've managed to deploy my first ISU-154 (I think) heavy tank. It's so slow it never gets out of the gate, never mind fires a shot in anger. It's ******* nails, that tank.
So who's playing? Going to buy it tomorrow now I'm home!

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