If you had to live with 3 members of ARRSE who would you want them to be and why? Remember: You are living with these people! You have to share space with them and are constantly with them. Also who wouldn't you want to live with and why?
RTFQ for the dazzling repartee and the stories.
MDN for the porn and the stories.
BabyBlue to cook, and to spike with rohypnol! :wink:
biscuits said:
BabyBlue to cook, and to spike with rohypnol! :wink:
Wouldn't it be easier to dope her with rohypnol before you cooked her?
I would take

Warrior Poet

(and a large bucket of popcorn to eat whilst watching the entertainment!)

It would be a short existence but an entertaining one

All three for their conversation and sparkling wit.

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