Companies that kick us in the teeth

I am sure I will be pointed to the right thread if this has been done.

I am getting p1ssed off at the amount of difficulty overseas service presents. I have got used to the denial of credit, loans and HP deals but last night I found out I could not get travel insurance. ofo is off on a holiday and tried to buy travel insurance but this is only available to and from the UK. Even Forces Financial (still waiting for the call back to discuss after obvious fob off on the phone) only offer from Gib, BFG and the SBAs. I am in none of these locations. The AA were nice but could not insure. :x

I will raise this with the CoC, I would be interested if any ARRSErs have similar examples of a disadvantage of service life overseas which could be raised. With the increased support for the repair of the covenant there may, now, be an ear. :help:
Not had the experience of Travel Insurance yet but how's about certain companies refusal to ship to BFPO addresses or some of the rip off delivery costs we have to pay for a delivery to BFPO in London.

I recently ordered something for £10 and the company wanted £12 delivery!!

Travel insurance is usually based upon the premise that the insured is resident in the UK. In terms of things like claims for lost bags and so forth, there is probably no problem wherever you are based, but most 'bucket and spade' insurers won't accept the risk of repatriation costs to other than UK - some will include BFG or other 'nearby' locations since the cost will be about the same as returning to UK.
I found out JBI cover BFPO addresses worldwide so sorted. :D I see your point VB but surely they realise repartiation would likely be to the UK if it goes Pete Tong as we are UK service personnel!
Not necessarily. When I was involved in travel insurance/civ aeromed, we covered a policy that included BFG, and a surprising number of BFG-based people asked to go back to Germany, especially those who'd lived there a long time, or where the patient was a German national married to a serviceman.
Glad to hear you have sorted your travel arrangements but I'm sorry we didn't offer you more immediate help on this occasion, as we do provide both Travel, and Kit and Contents insurance for personnel posted anywhere in the world - interviews without coffee taking place as we speak!

Have a great trip!

Forces Financial is a trading name of Stuart Harvey Insurance Brokers Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registration number 301858. Registered Office: Globe House, 24 Turret Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1DL
Thanks FF. You may want to adjust your website (dare I say as JBI have it) to say you do this as at the moment it says BFG, SBA and Gib. FI, NATO postings etc lose out. You were my first choice as you were cheaper 8) but I had to go with what I could get.


Abacus are better than forces financial for a pound a month added to kit insurance premium or either on its own you get worldwide travel and includes dangerous sports eg snowboarding parachuting etc this is unless competing professionally.

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