Companies that dont do BFPO

The British Forces Post Office provides a mail service to serving British forces personnel and their families worldwide, including exercises and operations. We all know how frustrating it is when on Tour or posted overseas when companies won't deliver or recognise a BFPO address.

It isn't good enough as a BFPO address is classed as UK mainland by Royal Mail? For community use feel free to name and shame those companies that can't be "ARRSED"
Its quite simple: if private individual A sends to soldier B at a BFPO address it will be carried by the agency funded by the system. If a business does likewise it must have a contract with the BFPO agency to pay for extra shipping, arranged through contracts branch at BFPO - if no contract exists then it will get returned to sender, simple. Some businesses, particularly smaller ones are reluctant to arrange contracts, particularly if demand is low.

There is a minor loophole which exists in that if you have a Royal Mail Divert on your previous UK to your BFPO address you have your stuff sent there and it will get forwarded by RM. Invariably though this will preclude you from VAT exemption as its delivered to a UK address.


Kit Reviewer will deliver to BFPO addresses at the usual postage rates but will not remove or refund VAT without written confirmation from a Lt Col.
Or a letter from the Pope.
Oor preferably both and the letters must be countersigned by the gents concerned.

Something like that, the long and the short of it is the Bill Oddie will sub up for the VAT and Flecktarn gets to keep it for well deserved bean feasts.
The companies that wont do it are a ******* disgrace and only deliver for pure profit...... Bet their directors are fat greedy cnuts as well.

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