Compacting A Standard SA80 A2 Cleaning Kit

Probably not much smaller than the operational cleaning kit size.
That what i used got it all in including a fair sized piece of rag
One of them little plastic (tupperware?) beakers with a lid, resealable plastic bag for your oil bottle, fits snugly into an ammo pouch with room to spare and keeps it waterproof.
techno have you seen the operational version of the cleaning kit, smaller than a tupperwear box and zips around outside ?
Yeah, didn't think much of it though (apart from the new oil bottle maybe), and used a little beaker, about the size of a kiddies drinking mug with a screw on lid, used it ever since my first trip to Belize, waterproof and nice and compact I thought.

And the new pull-through as well maybe.
I've seen a couple of people use the green bags you get in blank ammunition cases- keeps it waterproof(-ish), and big enough to get everything in- one bloke used a 1" paintbrush rather than an issued brush, but I guess that's down to personal preference.
Anyone here partial to using a 3" paintbrush, with the handle cut off?
Swap it for one of these. Let us know how you get on won't you ;)


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