compact binos/monoculars

Can any one suggest a good/reasonable priced compact bino or monocular for Infantry work. Also can you give us an idea which you guys prefer?

I was previously using a set of Silva mini binos but am looking at upgrading. Currently looking at the Steiner 8x22 Wildlife compact.

Any advice would be greatfully received.
Try these bods:


Some of the Gyro Binos aren't a bad price either, but i would want to submit them to a 'Puma' test before departing with any wonga.
I recently received a pair of Bushnell binos (10 x 52) as a present. I believe they were from the better end of the range (ie around £200). Good optics, especially low light. I've had a few Bushnell rifle sights too, and always been pleased with them. Someone may correct me here, but I have found their optics to be as good as anything on the market, prior to getting to Zeiss and Zwarovski levels.

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