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Right, I have my competent crew course next week at JSASTC and have started to pack. Anyone got any good ideas from experience on what take, other than the obvious (doss bag, wash kit, warm clothes) stuff on the kit list.

Also, how is Clyde block at Blockhouse? Got asked if I wanted a sea view earlier when I booked 8O
It's a great way to get into yachting. I did mine back in the 1980's as a young subbie. The skipper was an ex stoker Navy type chap. I did not know anybody and was 1 of 10 on a Nicholson 55 footer. Had a blast on a time and went back to do my day skipper and many a good trip out of Gosport over the water to that EU country called France.

Take lots of mini choccy bars to share with your watch/crew. About 10 packets of Knorr instant soup the 1.5 pint stuff. Also a bottle of spirits that can be mixed with coke/fanta/lemonade etc.

I am jealous.

Thermal mug type thing
Jacket and tie if you wish to have breakfast on the monday morning but you can wear scruffs in the snug bar on Sunday night. I tend to pop up to somerfield for Monday breakfast.
Gortex layer to wear under the crap foilies that you get issued. They are OK until is starts to rain (wind ok, rain not).
Lots of socs. You get issued boots but they are rubber and your feet will sweat and then freeze.
Get some saling gloves, your hands will drop off at this time of the year.
One the first day, you get the chance to buy some books, get hold of comp crew book for a read.
Sunnies (sun can be very bright this time of year)
warm hats.
Lightweight towl things.

You will have lots of fun and will be told about the round the world in 2009/10.
Get yourself a RYA log book so you can get all your miles/experience logged, will help towards your Day Skipper which you can also do there. Pack your kit in dry bags and don't take anything that'll break easily.

I got a go on one of the Challenge Yachts the first week they got them, speak to the instructors, see if there are any jollies or anything else you can get on that others don't normally hear about! I got a day blasting round the solent on a challenge yacht, loads of wind and showing off to the smaller boats! MTO wasn't happy that I was late back with the hire car but was worth the grief!

One of the things I miss now I'm a civi is the free sailing.
Metal 1ltr thermos for soups etc, talcum powder - nad rash is a bind if you get seriously wet and cannot dry out for a while.
At the risk of asking a bone question, kit list says pillow and pillow case. Im taking a fairly small musto bag and pillows are massive.

Can I get away with a rolled up jumper or is there a specific reason why we need to take a pillow and case?
No need for a pillow, it'll only get wet. Your normally too pissed to be uncomfortable, jumper/bag does the job.
Earplugs. You may have someone on board who snores like a wild boar reserve on international snoring day in Snoresville. Or take a mallet.
A bottle of tobasco for the food you will all have to cook at sea as part of the course. Thermal mug is a must as already stated, as if you drink out of the mugs on board your brew will be cold in seconds.
I would suggest taking your own life raft just in case there are any RAF punters on the crew. If there are you can jump ship to get away from the boring bast**ds!!

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