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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RAFMover, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Nice to see the rapid response of this forum in praising the RAF.....!!!

    Flying a squaddie back to see his gravely ill mum.....

    This forum quick enough to slag off, but not praise...!!

    Still, all in a days work for an RAF Mover....
  2. Well done, is that before or after you've kicked my bergen to fcuk?
  3. Its your job is'nt it ?
  4. Congratulations for moving someone.............

    You do have a purpose
  5. If Id heard about about it I might of said something.
    No one says thankyou to chefs when they make an excellent meal(a rarity I know), its their job. Why should you be any different.

  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As the decision to move this person was probably made well above your level (or that of the mover who actually did the work) - just what exactly have you to be so glib about?
  7. Now now, credit where it's due, they did a great job. Let's have some praise for everyone who actually does what they're employed to do. Chefs for making a meal (ok bit much to ask for it to be edible) ;) How about a round of applause for every round the Arty sends over. Maybe we should be giving out more praise when it's due, but then you mover types rarely do something right it's no wonder you're shouting about it. By the way, thanks to the RAF movements officer who fcuked up my move to get back to UK when my brother was killed. Cheers for that you big wnak stain
  8. See the quote. I guess RAFMover may have been personally involved in this scenario. If you pursue praise, you are missing the whole point in what your duty is. If you pursue praise, maybe it's because that when something works as it should, it is out of the ordinary. If you carry out your job and achieve all its aims, well then, its normaility and nothing to sing about. Now fcuk off and get ready for the next Comp A, just be sure you get it right.
  9. It must be a special day in the life of a mover when they have to come on the ARRSE forum and shout about getting something right. If I only occasionally got something right I'd have been sacked (or crushed, drowned or turned into red mist) ages ago. As it goes, it's a special day when something goes wrong where I work..... and there's the difference between an engineer and an RAF mover..... we are shocked when we get something wrong amongst the miriad of different things we have to do, and they are shocked when they get something right when they get practice day in, day out. Get some self respect and change jobs!
  10. Plant-Pilot, well said, you echoed my thoughts.
  11. Isn't it...
  12. Well? Is it or isn't it? :roll:
  13. See the quotes;

    Just say:

    "Yes it is my job, sorry for bothering everyone".
  14. my god,whats it coming to when somebody asks praise through someone elses misery,mover you are a cnut of the highest order
  15. Can you edit your post PP to read "It must be a special day in the life of a RAF Movement Controller when blah, blah, blah, so on and and so forth etc"

    I rebut those morons that have lost grip of reality and that rare substance called team by abusing a fellow soldier. I do not, however, feel the need for positive discrimination as "RAF Mover" so clearly does.

    My thanks in advance PP!