Commuter Hell - advice needed

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Wetneck, Mar 22, 2012.

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    [TD]Hi All,

    I'm currently putting FAR too many miles on my car and it's costing me a packet.
    Luckily I'm also just moving to a house with a garage and some decent drive space. So it's going in the garage to be pampered properly and enjoyed on weekends.

    Which leaves me with no car for work.

    For the foreseeable I'm doing a 150 mile round trip every day. 40 of those miles are on single track C roads (great fun, but hard on the wallet) and the rest of them at all on motorways, at motorway speeds.

    I need something that's going to cost me less in fuel, and be indestructible for the amount of time this contract will last (around 8 months) and be comfortable enough for those 110 motorway miles.
    I'll normally be travelling in very low traffic hours (setting out mid afternoon and returning around midnight) so sitting in traffic isn't a concern, it's more the steady trudge, and currently doing it watching the needle on the fuel level gauge isn't doing much for my morale at the end of the day.

    I don't want to spend any more than £1500 as it's going to get used and abused.

    Thoughts and suggestions?

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  2. Sensible answer - a small second hand diesel (peugot for instance)
    Fun answer - a second hand mid-size motorcycle (doughville for instance)

    In either case, buy something that is cheap but has a fresh MOT.
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  3. What BOAB said

    Any performance motorsickle gives about mid 50's to the gallon which is the same as a diesel motor. Hardly economical considering its moving 5th of the weight
  4. Going from North London to just outside Ashford, Kent about 70 miles arr. 06:00hrs, dep.14-15:00hrs 750 Suzuki, then a 2nd hand Honda Pan 1100 winter and summer,no probs. A Deauville would do the job. I'm presuming you don't carry much kit with you.
  5. Steven, going camping?
  6. I'd go the bike option. I used to whazz around everywhere on mine in the UK. No problem with jams or parking and cheap on fuel.
  7. Remember that TE Lawrence paid the price for 2 wheels instead of 4.

    Dont forget the car auctions for a inexpensive motor. Running a car on chupfat oil seems smelly if sensible.
  8. OT,$600 VW 258 MPG

    VW China are producing a single seat car with 258 mpg. It's priced at $600 in China.
    Ein Schnaeppchen!
  9. By his own admission the OP doesn't like motorcyclists, so the following answers are somewhat redundant I'd of thought.


    Stop going out for a grandad style leisurely drive on a Sunday and winding up bikers, and two things will happen.

    a) You will save fuel.

    b) You won't come across as a first class chopper. (Excuse the pun.)
  10. I have got a Deauville and my round trip is 170 miles a day. The first (last when I am on my way home) 75 miles is motorway and the rest is London A road with associated traffic. One round trip costs me about £22 quid in fuel although I am certain if I reduced the average motorway speed it might cost a couple of quid less. Obviously you have to factor in the costs of the tyres too.

    The Deauville is awesome for this type of journey, it just sits at whatever speed you are happy with on the motorways and will do that all day. It is comfortable and nippy/narrow enough to be an effective queue buster too. The panniers are a good size (look out for the bigger lids if you can). For me one of the biggest pluses is the lack of chain maintenance, I am crap at anything mechanical.

    In comparison, when I do the journey in either of my cars, a 2.0 litre diesel Scenic or an Audi 1.8 Turbo TT Convertible (MANS car no matter what anyone says) the fuel cost is about £25 but the time penalty is massive.

    I suppose the bike method is moot though if you haven't got a licence!

    Trains? Weekly tickets can work out reasonable.
  11. There you go, cheap cheerful and you will have time to observe the beauty that is your journey, plus you can piss of all behind you in there long queue to work.
    Life doesnt get better.

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  12. A motorbike is a much more Pragmatic option if it's available to you.

    Failing that, a cheap little runner about.
  13. Does'nt like motorcycles...........pfooey.


    There is always the cheap run-around or motorcycle licence.

  14. Get a Seat toledo or Leon 1.9TDI 60mpg and cheap to fix plenty of room in them as well