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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bowser-Mong, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. 2 Community Support Officers (CSOs) stood by having come across a boy (no sick jokes) who had gotten into difficulty in a pond after trying to help his sister. The official excuse is that these CSOs werent trained in water rescue. Two policemen arrived minutes later and pulled the boy out but sadly their efforts were in vain. (Story in Daily Mail page 7).

    Surely these two imcompetent pricks could have made an attempt to have saved this lad. What a poor day for PSOs.
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    Do PCSOs actually have any power to do anything?
  3. Oh ffs, the fishermen who save the girl wernt trained, yet they managed to dive in.

    No doubt their role as community support will not involve supporting the parents for the loss of their child.

    Pricks, sacked, drawn and quarted.
  4. Stupid stuff, but let's not get too carried away with bashing these guys. Can't blame them for children running off into stretches of water and drowning themselves. Darwin Award, anyone?

    Pretty sad that they didn't attempt to at least save them though, I mean even random bystanders would at least try so why not these guys.
  5. This isnt about powers.

    Unless they couldnt swim, how on earth could they stand by and watch not one but eventualy two children get into dificulties and then one drowned, and please dont tell me that PCSO are not trained in the basics of first aid.

    Am i just thick that i dont understand this and i being foolish to hope that its a case of poor reporting and that too public servants realy didnt stand by and watch this happen.
  6. As the man said, you don't have to be trained to try to save a drowning child. What were they thinking? Did they have some form of health and safety debate before arriving at the decision that they were going to do f*ck all, or is it one of the rules that some of them have etched on their brains.

    As for DCI Owen's comment. What a f*cking sell out. This may be a one off incident but FFS, they could have done something to save that kid.
  7. The book says you are not supposed to enter the water accept as a last resort but attempt to use aids etc.

    PCSO's have the get out that they are not police and have only to observe and report which they have done. Within their ROE they have taken the correct action. Blame the people who thought the concept up in the first place.

  8. It just appears that the police are more interested in limiting the demage to their own organisation rather than damage to society or individuals. It gets my goat when 'Police spokespersons' have to add a huge chunk of waffle to any statement at a major incident regarding the trauma received by their staff and the steps that are being taken to look after them. Sod Jo Public.
  9. I know, I was just wondering why someone would want to become a PCSO instead of a PC? All they seem to do is waddle about (well, around the streets of London anyway) and when anything does happen call the police to deal with it. Can they arrest or detain people? Apart from citizens arrest.
  10. ROE! what of civic duty? Yes entering water is a last resort becuase of the danger of make two casualties instead of one for water rescues.

    but FFS ........... as i said if they where both non swimmers i could at least understand that then. :x
  11. I never knew that anyone had a 'get out' clause from a morale duty to save a child, PCSO or not. It's not about the politics of policing or whoever is responsible for the whole idea of 'street wardens'. Observe and report? What a pair of c*nts. And GMP have made it obvious that they hold no responsibility for the actions of two of it's employees, whether 'saving life' is in their contract or not.

    I'll bet that DCI Owens words will be warmly recieved by the parents.

    What would happen if a two PCSOs stood by and let a Constable take a kicking by a gang of youths? Would they be expected to intervene then?

    The crux of the matter is that two adults in positions of public responsibility stood by and let a child drown because the rules of their employment said that they shouldn't get involved and their employer backs them up.
  12. In my force at least they live under the constant misapprehension that if they don't follow policy to the letter the job will fail to back them up if they are injured or disicipline them. I put this down to too many old sweat traffic wardens involved in their training.

  13. In todays H&S and PC dominated world... I wouldn't be surprised if exactly that was what happened!
  14. As a last resort .............I can't imagine what they mean by last resort, certainly not to save a drowning child, ummmmm maybe to save a drowning crim.
  15. That is grossly unfair. They also spend a lot of time chatting up the pretty girl on the tie-Rack franchise in Paddington Station and ignoring their radio...