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We were just having a debate here at work about Community Service, and the consesus seems to be we have ever seen anyone who has been sentenced to it actually doing it.
A couple of us are of the opinion that when sentenced to Community Service they should wear distictive jackets with "Community Service" on the back so the local community know that these people are carrying out their sentence, ie cleaning graffiti, doing pensioners gardens etc. Or woulod the 'Elf and Safety have something against this.
I'm sure there is an army of lawyers queing up to berate you about their "Human Rights" and so any thing that would identify them as the thieving low lifes they are would be "poo-poo'd"

As for H&S well, again there would be yet an even bigger army of boring tw*ts who would go on forever about H&S, training, protective equipment, rest periods and other crap. In other words it's kinder to shoot them (the people sentenced to the community service) and put them out of our misery.

I have often been accused of being too liberal. Sorry.
I'm sure I read something to the effect that community service mongs are to no longer wear reflective vests with 'community service' on the back in case passers by verbally abuse them and 'hurt their feelings'. FFS :roll:
most community service is done at weekends

look for a minibus full of windowlickers in your area (or are these off-duty policemen)?

however probation services are being pushed to recommend curfews instead now (its cheaper still)


Book Reviewer
A mate of mine got Community Service about 10 years ago following a minor misunderstanding. He got sent to paint the walls at a local Boys Club / Boxing Gym. 10.00am - 4.00pm Saturdays.

So he turns up at 10.00am and is greeted by the Supervisor and given paint and a brush. The Supervisor does one at 10.15am whereupon the lads repair to the nearest bar, watch the foota, play cards, chat up slappers and bet on the horses until 3.45pm when the go back to 'work'.

Supervisor arrives at 3.55pm and signs them off.

The Supervisor who, one assumes is on time and a half for Saturday working has spent the day mowing his lawn, or maybe doing the same as them in a different pub. The guys at the Gym didnt care. They were getting a paint job for free...

Deterrent? Bah.

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