Community Savings Bank

Whilst in Canada I had a Community Savings Bank Account.

The idea was quite simple if you just wanted a current account they charged you a monthly rate.

If you invested £3000 Canadian Dollars in shares in the bank you didn't pay the monthly rate and you got interest paid at the end of the year.

if you wanted a loan your statement showed how much you still owed, how much interest you were being charged and there was no penalties for early/extra payments.

On top of all that they realised that you were in the forces so none of that "what was your address for the last three years, sorry we don't recognise BFPO numbers etc.

Why isn't there something similar in UK? Or is there and I haven't stumbled over it yet? :?
Have you tried credit unions? The bigger ones are able to run current accounts without a fee but you must be a member.

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