Community Cashback

Just had a call from a copper mate about this link:

Community Cashback

Community Cashback is a new scheme in England and Wales which gives local people a say in how £4million of recovered criminal assets (for example confiscated cash or property) should be spent in their communities.
Click on your area, then 'have your say'. It brings up a list of suggested projects within your chosen area, or you can submit your own.

Hopefully it hasn't been posted before - if it has, my apologies.
a,I'm amazed that you have a mate,let alone a police officer.
b,This scheme will never work.Too complex and the cost of admin will ensure it is still born
c,See a.
vvaannmmaann said:
This site has more than it's fair share of cnuts too.
How true. I for one was constantly told by SSM Weaver, "brummie your a cnut, get out of my office" :D
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