Communist Britain...?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. After years and years of stand off against the former Soviet Union, are we fast becoming the newest State Controlled Communist Style Country?

    Not content with the following big brother controls that are either already in place or still trying to be put in place:

    DNA Data bases
    National ID Cards
    A country covered by CCTV
    Pay per mile
    500 powers for local councils to enter your home
    Data tags on our Wheelie Bins
    Congestion cameras monitoring Citys
    Oyster Cards tracking your movement on the train or bus

    And probably loads more that I can't think of right now. The Government now wants to be able to pass a law that will enable them to be able to DICTATE to all those folk that have worked hard and have saved their money to buy a second home, exactly how they have to use it...!

    This was in Yesterdays Daily Telegraph
    Second home owners could be forced to live in their country properties year-round or rent them out permanently to tenants under radical proposals outlined in a review of village life commissioned by Gordon Brown.
  2. Clarkson on Top Gear made the same comparison the other night - starting off by mentioning limiting travel as one of the first restrictions and capped it off with a Stalin tash and hair imposed over a pic of Brown.
  3. Perhaps you could go and seek political asylum in North Korea.....or Iran perhaps.

    "i'm fleeing permissiveness and disorder" :roll:
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    There'll be very little difference if things continue at this rate.
  5. While second homes have forced the price of property up and made it unfordable to many of us that live in the country. 'I could never afford to have brought property in the village i grew up in, and 4 council houses wasn't practical in 1960 let alone 1984'. It is not second home owners who are the root cause.

    Still facts have never bothered One Eye yet...

    by the by, I am sure that Stalin did some good at least...
  6. I dare say that for everyone priced out, there are also many 'Local's' that have profited either directly from the sale of property or land, or will soon have a big fat inheritance when one of the 'Old's' pops off and leaves a big house to them.

    Fat cnut broon would have us all living in grey concrete flats with no windows if he could have his way..!
  7. Not spotted the difference between 'Communist' and 'authoritarian', then? The extent to which this lot have shoved the 'free market' (makes hollow laugh at thought of such a thing existing) into every aspect of our lives and deaths ougt to be a big CI as to where the hearts really lie.
  8. At least the food there is supposed to be the dogs bollox

    Is that my coat...
  9. Don't forget the number plate recognition system that can apparently be tied into CCTV cameras. Now you can be tracked going around town or along the motorways.
  10. Come on when is this coup/paramilitary force gonna come into action and execute these corrupt politicians for treason.
  11. You beat me to it there, smartascarrots. Communism (or Socialism) are a world away from what Brown the Clown and his slimy, corrupt cronies are visiting on the UK populace.

    It seems that a few bods need to read up a bit, and not just accept what they hear and infer.

  12. Chance be a fine thing hence some of the reason why liabour made 3 terms in the first place.

    'Free market' and 'Government' thats a oxymoron! If i have ever seen one!
  13. The labour market is free if you're a multinational - if the Brits ask for enough money to pay their taxes and fill up the motor, the employers just shut up shop and move operations to China or some other workers paradise where they get paid a bowl of rice once a fortnight and their nadgers are plugged into the national grid if they start a union.
  14. All Communists are scum and always have been. The Labour Party have always been and remains the home of the enemy within.

    Labour party member and dog sh1t are the same thing.
  15. Sounds more like a facist police state... Ironic really considering Brown used to write for 'The Red Paper' as a student oik.