Communications Specialist?

Hello, thinking of joining the RE, anyone no where I can get more info on Communications Specialist. Is it a good trade or would carpentry be better?
Those were the two trades I was looking at. What sort of work would you be doing as a Communications Specialist?
Our C3S (Sigs) lads tend to spend a lot of time in barracks doing nothing much.

When the radios arent fitted in the wagons, they are sat in the store. The lads do a bit of tittivating, CES checks (Equipment kit lists.. think like the spare wheel, jack, wheelbrace, etc on a car) ensuring the kit is there, and a lot of pratting around with the batteries that are left mounted in the back of the wagons (Not the vehicle batteries like in a truck, separate batteries fitted for powering the radios) Doing cell level checks, topping 'em up and the like...especially when youve got a crap MT with lads who dont know how to look after the kit..(Ours are quite good by all accounts) All very dull and boring. Sometimes they'll get asked to sort out temporary telephone lines around camp, a cheaper version of BT if you like, but more often than not theyre sat in the store doing checks and playing Euchre.

The Corporals and Sergeants tend to do all the tech stuff in prep for the various exercises (Sorting out the BATCO, etc) with the lads at the bottom, the Sappers, fitting radios for the exercises, doing more checks of the kit and making sure the radios talk to each other. The lads have to know all the radio systems, and how to maintain them, set them up, use them and basic faultfind them. It is quite a lot to take in, especially when they have to learn the British code stuff (BATCO)and know it inside out and back to front.

When theyre on exercise theyre the unsung heroes. maintaining comms back to base location for the guys on the ground, doing long hours of tedious uninspiring work (Listening to the network for radio transmissions.. at all hours of the day and night) and as theyre in the SHQ troop, they tend to get spammed for stuff they'd rather not be doing!
Those who're out with the various sections on the ground suffer much of the same.

They do an important job and get little thanks.

Whether Carpentry would be better would be for a Chippy to answer..
Cheers for reply, what sort of work could comms specialist get after the army. I don’t really want to be sitting around all day(I do to much of that at my current job), I think RE will be good because when you leave you have a trade to fall back on, also easier to get work abroad. And you also get to use your Combat engineering too.
When they get out? Couldnt really tell you to be honest. It would all depend on how far you progressed through the trade, if you were a Class One, etc, and what rank.

Jobwise I'd imagine going in for working for Nokia, BT, any of the telecommunications companies. What sort of job depends on the skills you acquire, the certificates you get, NVQ's, etc, computer courses you attend and pass... even health and safety at work courses, first aid in the workplace.. they all shape the jobs you'd be offered..and can add thousands to your annual pay packet. Like you say, you'll have your Cbt Engineering, etc. that will add power to the punch that your eventual CV will provide...NVQ's etc.

I'll ask at work, see what the sigs lads say, obviously they have a bit more knowledge on what their muckers have done after the Army.
the man called it right all the "Scalies" i have ever known that got out have gone on to work in the mobile phone side of work. could think of better trade routes to go if you have the options, electrian-plumber-fitter acr or any design side hold far better qualifications for when you get out but the choice is yours at the end of the day. good luck whatever way you decide to go.
I did originally want to do plumbing or sparky as my trade, unfortunately i didn’t get GCSE C or above in Maths and Science. I done well on the BARB test and I have got 4 GSCE'S C and above but not in the right subjects. Serves me right for fu*king around at school.
Out of the trades I was offered I was more interested in carpentry, bricklayer or comms specialist. I guess carpentry or bricky would be the best for getting work Civvy Street.
Combat engineering is what I want to do the most. But it would be nice to have a trade to fall back on once I leave.
There's still plenty of time to retake Maths get your C or above and get the higher job. A year along the line is not an eternity. You'll gain lifeskills in the meantime, gain a higher qualification and come into the job you originally wanted knowing you're better for doing what you did.

Serves me right for fu*king around at school.
Ah.. the old 'couldve been if i hadnt fkked around at school' line.

Youre in the enviable position of having it all ahead of you. You can turn it from couldve been to can do. I would say to go grab the Maths thing by the horns and make it happen.

And in the meantime, keep in and around this site and you'll gain a valuable insight into the Forces, something a lot of your peers will not have done.

Just an idea. :D
could'nt have said it better myself, i had to go & retake all the domino tests etc back in the 80's so that i could be a sparks after i tuened down all the design trades at chatham. they then told me all i could be was i driver or a planty so i said no to them & eventually got to go & prove i had the necessary grades.
got what i needed & got to be a sparks which is what i had always wanted in the first place. a little bit of effort now could prove to be beneficial in the long run, chippies & brickies are ten a penny in civvy street most people will turn their hand to the basics of these trades but they all seem afraid of elecs or plumbing for some reason.
being a knocker is a dying trade but an enjoyable one still when you get a decent task so i would not hinge my bets on that front either.
I know what your saying is right. Problem is I am 21 now and I really want to start doing something with my life. I don’t think I would be able to wait another year to retake exams. I know I done well on my BARB test and I have college qualifications, do you know if there is a way of doing plumbing or sparky without the correct GCSE's?
What ever happens I am pretty sure the RE is the way to go.
I been told I wont get a date for RSC till after xmas now, so I guess I'll wait and see.
P.S what is a Knocker?? :?:
I don’t think I would be able to wait another year to retake exams.
It might not be a year. Start looking into it this week, start making plans that you're going to redo the Maths and obtain the grade. Arm yourself with the info sooner rather than later. That way as soon as things do come abou you'll be able to formulate a final plan for what you want to do.

Get yerself going in a whirlwind of enthusiasm, keep it going and however long it takes will soon pass by.

do you know if there is a way of doing plumbing or sparky without the correct GCSE's?
Dont think so, however ask at the Careers office. Trouble with not having 'em is as soon as you hit Chatham they'll feck you off to a lesser trade.

A knocker? Affectionate (ish) term for Combat Engineer.
"Fatbadge" is only too right there fella once they have you streamed into one trade then it can be hell to try & change. i would seriously think about knuckling down & gaining the necessary quals soonest & then that will open up your choices.
good luck whichever route you go.
AAH . wait till the all singing `bowman `( NOT ) , comes in , more spare time in camp and more dvds to watch on scheme, I DONT THINK SO . I´ve been c3s for 17 years and it still dont work proper ;-)
I left 6 years ago after 12 years as a C3 specialist.
You get out what you put in and it is the same when you leave (now have a top job with a SAN Storage company earning shit loads of cash and driving a top of the range merc, not bad for a scalie who left as a full screw!).
I personally had an absolute blast for 12 years, going on loads of exercises and Tours. i have to admit the spam factor is high for Scalies and you are the first to be put forward for the Shite tasks.

I'm with Fatbadge and AKTTE, it is better for you to delay in entering the Corps so that you can gain the required Civvie Quals to be a Sparky, otherwise once you get to Chatham and try to change you will find it difficult, and when you see how much fun us Sparkies have you will be really p1ssed off that you never went thaT extra mile to get your GCSE, it won't take you as long as you might think and you could do it at night school, ask the ACIO if they will accept the Government backed Numeracy and Literacy tests instead of the formal GCSE's.

I have been very lucky loads of my postings have been as a Sparky, including nearly 9 years in the Province, a great time with a great trade.

Fatbadge said:
A knocker? Affectionate (ish) term for Combat Engineer.
I still prefer squeek though :wink:

I'm with you guys, I was triple traded B1 Squeek, A1 Fitter and B2 scaley, I definately preferred the time spent as a Fitter or a Squeek. As a scaley I spent loads of exercises alone in the back of the CV (432s make good fridges in German winters) whilst the rest of the Tp were out doing interesting stuff. Not knockin sigs but long hours in a battened down pack with white noise, frozen feet and views of the BVs convinced me that I was definately an outdoor chap, (wish I'd remembered that before turning to the dark side and shining seats with my ass.)

Did enjoy scaleying in Belize on foot patrols, apart from the extra weight, but not much of that going around anymore.
or if you are really lucky you get to spend your whole time on a tour of the province working out of the ops room, result. known a few lads got out or tried to retrade after that top job.
heave charlie mouse. (fieldmice)
Ops rooms!!!!!!!!


Don't touch the tissues after you takeover 8O
tissues??? where they much akin to the radiators used to be in the sangars during "site guard" at munster nord, that stale smell has stayed with me for far too many years & years.
Strangely similar 8O

Keep wet-wipes handy for the handset too 8O

Only difference is the extra element of danger that someone might walk in...............I'm just polishing my glasses honestly

Exciting :lol:

[edited coz i's illiterate]

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