Communications engineer?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Cabana, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Whilst purusing through an ex colleagues profile on, I found the following:

    I was not aware of communications engineers in the R.Sigs, particularly RTG "communication engineers". I am also quite sure no one in the Royal Signals is qualified in MD110's (at that time anyway). Am I wrong?
  2. In short, yes.

    Communications (Systems) Engineer is the new Tech. Your colleague is obviously staying current in his profile. Nowt wrong with that. MD110 was in use with 280 (UK) Signal Sqn in the late '90s IIRC.

    Any particular reason why you posted this in the NAAFI?

  3. R Signals Techs are Communications Systems Engineers this week, I think (it's my trade, but we've had that many different names in the last few years I've actually lost track of what we are called).
  4. Interesting, why would they call a technician an engineer? Not really quite the same really.

    I was at 280 in the late 90's and I cannot remember the MD110 being used, although I was drunk a lot there :) I take it you were there then as well, so spill the beans...who are ya?

    No particular reason I posted in the NAAFI, my mouse just happened to click on that forum when I wanted to post. I wonder if the MODs would be so kind as to move it to the Royal Signals forum for me.
  5. The job's changed now, there's virtually no 'Teching' left in being a Tech. We've combined with the IS Ops (although we may be splitting again soon, which will probably mean another name change) and most of the work is now engineering rather than repairing.
  6. Not really quite the same trade anymore. I wasn't at 280 in the late '90s - I was at AFNorth in the early noughties. The rest of it fits - IDNX etc.

    Best moved to R. Signals forum please.

  7. What's the drama, this guy left the army 10 years ago and he referred to it as "communications engineer" so that the civvy jobs people could interpret the job title. OK he probably exaggerated slightly but it's completely irrelevant. Do you think a military clerk is going to write "military clerk" on the CV? No, of course not, you need to market yourself. Park up the outrage bus.
  8. As poison said He will have referred to it as "communications engineer" so that the civvy jobs people could interpret the job title. but he was an RTG not a tech.

    We all use a little unlicensed poetry in our CV's to stand out from the others, well I have done in the past and it has paid off from time time.
  9. No drama or outrage, just curiosity. I just didn't know that RS techs were called engineers these days (or for that matter RTG's)...and don't really know why they would be. Agree everyone exaggerates a tad on their CV's
  10. We do all big up our cv's, but this chap is very good at it. We both did the same job as civvies in Bosnia (I took over from him), but apparently this chap was in charge of 4 managers and about 40 people and everything that NATO did comms wise went through him :) I must have missed that part of the job. I should ask him to write me a CV.

    Anyway, thats not what I was questioning, I was just wondering about the communications engineer bit. I am not on a comm walt which hunt thing.
  11. To a degree it does, but not the MD110. I never recall MD110 being used at 280 as you said, but am interested where and how it was used as I missed out there if it was.

    Edited to add: Thanks MODs for moving this thread to the right forum.
  12. So to that end in your opinion is the job better or worse?
  13. LOL - a comm walt witch-hunt.
  14. Definitely not going to happen in the foreseeable future. I suspect that the supervisory trades will stay apart for quite a few more years until our CIS becomes considerably more homogenous than it is today, but the Comm Sys Engr is here to stay.
  15. I doubt it either, I thought the same when they changed the operator trades to just Ass op and Arrse op, now we are CS super ops. We seem to be fitting around the current comms systems. Ass ops merged as the advent of Switching Centrals came in requiring the operators to be both systems and relay where TGs didnt need to know morse or telegraph stuff therefore dropped that all keeping just the JMH side of things and just taught the Rad ops the JMH making them the Arrse ops, As Falcon and Cormorrant are very IT driven, and techs dont do much fixing anymore, they combined the two trades I believe to fit around the new trunk comms kit. Us operators will work mainly on radio systems and on bearer modules in the trunk side of life now whilst the Engineers 'engineer links, do IT stuff and act as tech storemen backloading broken kit. Could be wrong, its just my take on it.