Communication Systems Operator

I've been accepted for this job and start at Winchester in September, I was wondering if there's many CSO's on here that I could talk to about the job?

Also a quick question, how likely is it that I'll be attached to an infantry regiment or out in the thick of it, or is it mainly sitting on my bum miles back?
If you want to be attached to an infantry regiment and be 'in the thick of it', why don't you join the infantry? I'm not having a go mate, but all i hear in Blandford from phase twos is, ''I wanna be attached to infantry.'' Yawn....
i would suggest a posting to one of the brigade signal squadrons to start with as they should hopefully have a tour in your first 3 years and you could get attached via the RLD (rear link detachment) on tour, this way you can get your trade skills up before going for an RSIST post which if your trade knowledge is good and so is your fitness then you should enjoy.

i will warn you its not all warry stuff you see on the tv, alot of it is stores, tents and teaching the infantry on the kit you use.

dont let people tell you that if you wanted to get in the thick of it and work with the infantry you should have joined the infantry,

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