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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BouncyBear, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi all sigs, just wondering as I've recently applied to join the army, CSO is something that really intrests me as it could stand me in good stead upon leaving the army.

    Do we have any CSO's on here? Where am I likely to be posted? Whats life like as a CSO?

    Any help much appreciated
  2. Just out of interest, how far are you through your application?
  3. Go speak to a recruiter about this, failing that Google the thing!
  4. dont let people kid you on mate, you will not be able to walk into a job with BT or Vodafone, just because you were a CS OP, you will need to push to get on the courses that carry civvy recognition, these things will not fall into your lap.

    But if you want to go out and get them there are courses and job roles out there that will help you.

    Otherwise your job choices will be limited to those in developing countries that are still using antiquated comms systems that dont require any infrastructure such as HF.

    Best of luck
  5. Could it?

    What about CS Eng? Or DLS/Driver Storman?

    CS Op, it is sad to say, is no longer what it once was.... you could probably get a phone operators job on leaving now.

    What are you into doing when you leave, and what are your interests?
  6. Kookoocacho, I am awaiting my doc to fill in my med forms at the moment before theyre sent off mate.

    Chocolate frog, unfortunately I arrsed around at school and didn't get the relevant grades for the CS Eng as I did look at that as well.

    The army jobs site made CS Op sound as though you could make a blistering career from it. I enjoy computing etc so ideally would like to go into that when I left the army.
  7. When your actually doing your job CS Op isn't too bad a trade, getting out in a rebro etc etc, trouble is, you really only do your job about 15% of the time, the rest of your working life is spent counting stores for the QM, maybe for the 10th time that year, putting up and taking down hundreds of tents to make sure all the bits are still there, counting camnets, sweeping garages, and generally doing all sorts of jiff jobs that come the troops way, the lineys/ed's/techs are usually in their own offices/areas and keep themselves busy, the CS Op's sit in rest rooms waiting to be tasked with the latest bone job.

    Of course though, if you apply yourself and can put up with all of this then you can make a blistering career out of that job, but then again with the same dedication and graft you can make a blistering career out of any job in the army.

    From my point of view i don't think promotion is going to be all that fast in the future for operators, at my place at least theres a good 10+ 6/7yr siggy's most of which have done absolutely nothing to not deserve promotion, there seems to be a lot of full screws griping about not getting their third as well so this is obv going to cause a backlog down the ranks.
  8. This.

    I personally wouldnt join up as a CS Op, its all well and good joining up full of enthusiasm but the amount of siggys you get straight out of blandford that hate their jobs within 3-4 months is appaling, it's not a good job.
  9. you can listen to one or two bad comments and it could put you off or you could join up take in your own experiences and if you like it stay as many of us have and if you dont like it then transfer. as for some mentalist mentioning promotion not being good, tell that to the 140 odd operators that just picked up thier second tape. compare with that of the installation techs, driver lineman or storeman you cant really call it poor promotion prospects !!
  10. orange can i ask how long you have been in the army ........... from your arrse join up date you either have just joined and are bitter and twisted already ........... or you found arrse very late in your career like i did ?????

    before making any comments on this thread i need to clear it up :D
  11. Yes i have found arrse a bit later in my 'career'.

    I've been in for just over 6 years now, i have NTT'd, but having just got married and with a sprog on the way, it is nothing to do with my job, which i could easily carry on with until my 12yr point, which was my original plan on joining.

    Like i said though, when i am doing my trade i really do enjoy it, i enjoyed it more when i worked on a relay, hence my liking of being in a rebro, but i always said i couldn't have a family in the army so i am certainly not bitter and twisted, and definetly getting out to be with my family rather than leave my job. I've had a good 6 years, the first 4 of which were living the dream in germany, maybe a big part of the reason why i am still a siggy lol but i know where i have made my mistakes and understand that i could have made a better career for myself if i had made some different choices along the line. I've realised a little too late how to 'play the game' and if i was given my chance again i would definetly take it.

    I hope i've put across that i'm certainly not a hater of the signals, i could never hate a job where you can go off snowboarding for 3 weeks a year! i even have a civvie friend joining up now on my recomendation, i just don't think that CS Op is the trade to join up as.
  12. dude you can see why i had to ask though hopefully ................. :D

    ive just done 14 years as the various tele op tg, rs op and whatever else they wanted to call us ..............

    i really think the career oppurtunities are out there for cs ops now, you have the world of postings since they joined the both trades together, there isnt a regiment that i can think of that you cant serve with now within the corps and opening AS ops up into the trade can only back that up, you could be on a switch one posting or a rebro the next.

    career paths you have yeoman ............ or if you are more inclinded you have the RD route ............... AT or MIL quals or a mix of both like i was ............. best of both worlds .........

    ok im not gonna lie about the sweeping garages and sitting around chewing the fat smoking tabs and drinking coffee ...........

    but to be honest i think the whole operator has a better ethos about it, sod working in some boring bone workshop fixing handsets because the radios and other kit have to be sent back to manufacturor ............

    ok ill sign off now as im boring everyone
  13. Its not that bad, at least you get to go and do some proper soldiering on tour as a cs op.
  14. My experience was very different to that. I enjoyed being a radio tech, we actually got to do our trade most of the time. It had far more variety of roles than the OP trades. The only OP jobs I would have liked to do are the rebro and relay ones.

    Staff officers had to be the bane of scaley life.

    Certa Cito!
  15. sticky fair point i did do some excellent tours and jobs within the operator side of life ..........

    never really touched the big HQ elliments ..... unless i needed POL ....... lol