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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by supersniffer, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Im looking to join as a Communication Systems Operator , but i was wondering once you finish your training do you get a choice to where you get posted i.e a particular regiment ?

    Also if it was a infantry regiment would i be going out on foot patrols with them ? not that this would bother me or anything, As Infantry was what i really wanted to do.

    ive already asked at my AFCO but they only told me what i already know.

    i would also appricate if anyone doing the same job as im looking to do would PM me to let me know what life is like for them and what the get up to on a daily basis on tour and when back at camp

    cheers :D
  2. Hi, you wont get much of a choice of Regiment although you might be able to specify which area of the country/world you want but remember the 'needs of the Army comes first' (remember that line, you will hear it a lot!), so you will prob get sent where you are needed.

    The Signals is starting to deploy Rear Links to Inf Battalions to assist with Bowman radio issues (as its bloody complex). I believe that there are around 8 pers per Bn so you may end up there and although unlikely to actually patrol with them, you will deploy on Ops with them. There are opportunities to go on patrols, several of our guys did on TELIC, but its not guarenteed.

    Good luck and enjoy it!
  3. ok cheers that even awnsered a few question i forgot to ask :D