Communication Systems Operator - Information Required

I passed by BARB last week with a 62, and i was given my job sheet to look over. The two jobs that i decided to put as my first and second choice were 'Postal and Courier Operator' and 'Communication Systems Operator'

I was hoping that sumone could give me some more information on the 2nd (Communication Systems Opertor) That isn't on the job spec sheets on the internet or from the careers office.

The position sounds interesting and i am sure i would enjoy it, although it would be great for some relevant information from the people that know.

I would appreciate any information and advice on this position (opportunities, pay + benifits, travel, promotion ect) that you can offer, sumone who has been in or is in this position would be perfect.

Thanks in advance !
The job Brief sheets are actually pretty comprehensive, detailing career advancemnet, Yeoman of Signal qualifications etc. Try being a bit more specifc with your questions as nobody is going to write a novel in reply. Consider:

Comm Sys Op is a recruiting pinch point trade (lots of vacancies though they are rapidly filling), it attracts a a Golden Hello of £1250 on passing training if you have grade D GCSE in Maths/Science and Eng Lang (or level2 equivalents) They go on to high band pay after LCpl and you don't currently need ANY qualifications for entry, this is only for the Golden Hello. It has a supervisory route : Yeoman of Signals later on in your career who currently get a HND in communications Management on completion of the Yeoman course. This trade can also be directly employed in an Infantry Battalion Sigs Pl in direct support of Combat Arms.


you can be a postman :)

Make your mind up quick, the recession is biting and these courses are filling rapidement!

PS. Get your recruiter to see how many vacanices there are for Postal Courier ;-)

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