Communication Systems Operator info please

Hello, regular_imbiber Junior is quite a way down the line towards joining in the above role and I believe an intake starts on November 25th.

I myself am an illustrious Logistic Specialist in the RLC and dont have too much of a clue what this job involves on a day to day basis. My only involvement with the Sigs was LSIing their QM's dept a few years ago :)

Any gen on course length, role, likely postings and so on would be much appreciated.

Fairly short course now I believe, its been 15 years since I did mine, but I think to save pennies, a lot of it is on the job training. Likely to find himself in a campain signal regiment first such as Bulford. However he will get B and B+E from training.

The pay is on the high pay band.

He will learn more about postings when in Phase 2, and in my day as it still likely to be, when he finishes training, the troop office will ring the desk officer for a posting, nothing is set in stone prior to the phone call, so well worth him thinking about where he wants to go and tell the troop before making that phone call, it may be his only chance in his career to get where he really wants rather than rely on PPPs.
Siggies are still low pay band till they get their lance jack, then they are on high pay band. I believe the course is in the region of 20 weeks give or take. postings, well being in yourself then you'll know they take where you want to go and send you in the complete opposite direction!
To be honest he should beg for a posting to germany before they pull us out of there, live it up a bit with the extra cash and tax free cars (and women) all first postings should be over the water to allow the guys to become independant and to experience the legendary wobbly !!
The course is 28 weeks long, I did mine at the end of last year and really enjoyed it. I'm in Germany now and loving it so far (well most of it) DST was the most boring thing I have ever done. If you want to know anything just ask.

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