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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by shandy21, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. I would like my first career choice to be communication systems engineer but do not have a science based subject. I do have the Mathematics and English Language GCSE as well as Information Technology. Has any one been in the same situtaion where an exception was made?
  2. I am pretty sure that IT is classed as a science based subject. It is 50% of the Communication systems engineer jobspec so I would hope that you would have no issues applying for this trade group with your qualifications.

    Can I ask how you are applying to join R SIGNALS (forces career office, online, other...)
  3. They will make exceptions, I am training to be a CS Engineer, although I went to Blandford to be a CS operator but as I had high scores on all the tests done through the recruiting process including the TST they offered me CS engineer! I dont have the maths GCSE and I didnt do any sciences in school! Even if the recruitment office says you dont have the qualifications needed you could always join sigs as another trade and when you have the interview in basic to confirm your job choice you will have the option then to change jobs! Good luck
  4. I'm the other way round.
    I'm down as CS Engineer at the moment, but can anyone tell me is there alot of 'being in the field' such as not stook in a warehouse all day and actually getting stuck in?
    Because that is what i want.
    I may consider CS Operator.
  5. to be honest mate, im currently out in a shitty sandy place now and the cs engineers are getting "out on the ground" as much as some of the cs operators. However there is a difference in the job, the operators are embedded within an infantry company going about the daily tasks the same as the infantry lads apart from sorting out their communications. the cs engineers are going out and installing different bits of kit and fixing them when they break, so in essence the operators have more of a chance of "getting stuck in" and "seeing some action". i'm a cs operator and sit behind a desk, but i know other lads within my trade group that do go out and about and love it. hope that helps
  6. It's good to hear that as a CSEng there's the opportunity to get hands on experience with the kit.

    Does anyone experienced with the CSEng trade tell me if there is much maths and physics involved in the trade?
  7. Lads from pretty much every trade have been in warfighting action in Helmand of late that involved suppressing the baddies by old-style methods. A few guys have grown up rather quicker than they expected to, especially when they were expecting to go out to look after a satcom detachment or administer some IT system. Tp Sgt: "right kiddo, get your body armour on and let's go...". 8O Some excellent, professional soldiering by members of our Corps, so long may it continue until we can GTF out of there.
  8. Hey-Up-Cheeky soem sound advice mate.
    IT is the way forward i think.
    But i also want the pretty much guarantee of seeing some field action.
    My mind is made up :)
    I'm changing from CS Engineer to CS Operator in Harrogate :D

    Can anyone tell me the methods of doing this though? :p
  9. Very true.
    But i've been told by many it is best to be thinking about transfering in Basic rather than Phase 2.
  10. Er how, explain to this crusty old ex operator AND tech, exactly how being a CS Op guarantees seeing field action? Where as being a CS Engr doesn´t?

    If you are smart enough to go CS Engr, go for it. Don´t think that the new CS Op is in any way similar to previous jobs nor any warrier than CS Engr.

    Both OPs and Engrs have their chances to get on the ground.
  11. Hi all,

    Sorry for jumping on this thread but I don't want to get shouted at for starting a fresh thread about a similar subject....

    I have my ADSC on 17th Sept and right now I'm down as a Comms Sys Op however looking more into it I think, maybe, I would be better suited for the Comms Sys Eng role. I've worked in IT full time for over 5 years now (worked with BT and British Airways IT systems) and I love it.....however I don't have the GSCE grades for the engineer role. The highest GCSE I have is a D but I do also have a GNVQ in IT to which I passed. (would this be accounted for too)

    Now if my marks for the TST test are good enough and given my past work experience in IT, is it likely I MAY get offered the engineer role or do I have more chance of p1ssing wine???

  12. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    As a CSE, how much would the salary be after 1, 2 and 3 years assuming you didn't screw anything up too much?
  13. chocolate frog is correct as i have said in my last thread, but its what you do on the ground the lad is interested in, i can only vouch for telic at the min but the CS OP trade is doing a more diverse role on the ground ie going as far as an infantry role, ok its not what they joined signals to do but it is a mega experience and something different. The CS ENG / techs are getting out but not in this role, they are going out fixing a fault and getting back in which is still nice as they see different places bu know they have the comfort of aircon and showers when they get back in ! but chocolate frog saying cs ops are no warrier than cs engs is wrong as we are and everyone knows it :p but its completely upto you, if i was telling someone i liked and cared about which one to go for it would be Operator, but i am biased !! at the end of the day its upto you and there is always the chance of re-trading !
  14. Yeah well i want to do all the 'war type' stuff, but also get a decent trade out of it for Civvie street.
    the best of both is perhaps RE but i was told they was all full.
    Sigs is still good so i suppose CS Operator will do this.
  15. To CDA, if you have experience in the field of IT, then ensure you take in to the interview any quals or details of experience you have. You may not have the GCSEs, but you may still get offered the CS Engr slot on the basis of those.

    Re trades and pay. CS Engr get their LCpl tape from the factory, and undertake training for PNCOs, that may take 2 to 3 years for their CS Op peers to achieve.

    Or put it another way.
    Pay leaving blandford
    CS Op 16,226.76 (I Think, if the traiing is long enough, you may get 16,676.04)
    CS Engr 22,959.72.

    pay scales here