Disco said:
PoisonDwarf said:
Could the chain of command handled things better?
What? as in providing longer extension leads? :p
LOL. Nah - employing a bit of imagination to keep the lads busy doing worthwhile stuff instead of mindless tedium. Not always possible, but always worthwhile trying. I dunno, as I wasn't there, but just wondering.
Some good info on here.

I've just completed my BARB today with a score of 78, my Lit & Num tests came through at Level 2. All good.
'Cept CSE (CSO was) wasn't on my jobs list, I only obtained an E at GCSE maths. That was 7 years ago.

Since then I've gone on to complete a BTEC National Diploma in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Key Skills Level 2 in Application of number and a HNC in Computer Studies.. with a bunch of other qualifications chucked in too.

The Sgt recruiting said he'll have to see about Shading the GCSE grade to a C... That shouldn't be a problem with the other grades I've got, right? I'm in the Telecoms business atm so something like CSE would really interest me. Fingers crossed.

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