Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by KTC1, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Sorry for giving you another boring post, but I’m really stuck on this one, and need another perspective of someone who has actually done the job.

    From what I gather communication systems engineers are responsible for the engineering, and maintenance of information and communication systems and Electronic Warfare Systems Operators have the responsibility for using sophisticated equipment to eavesdrop on enemy communications.

    Both these job profiles interest me but I cant decide which one to go for. cs engineers seem to be very popular and look to have a wide range of jobs and postings. I’m looking for a job that keeps me on my toes and not stuck at a desk all day.

    Any info would be much appreciated, cheers
  2. I'm sure you'll get some really sensible answers to your post over the next couple of days mate....

    .... in the meantime! :lol: .... i think EW Ops are all frustrated goat fiddlers who couldn't find their own arrse with both hands. I base this assumption on nothinig more than the fact that i am ex-Operator. Radio Telegraphist to be precise.... God's children and all that!

    I shall now go back to trying to dig out the Malteser that's rolled under me monitor.... last one as well, gutted! 8O
  3. If you are interested in the 'eavesdropping' part, rather than just operating the equipment, you might want to consider the Intelligence Corps. As you quite rightly stated, EW Sys Ops are trained to operate the collection equipment, but that is about as far as it goes, the days of setrooms full of morse monkeys are long gone.

    Unless your enemy has been kind enough to train their radio operators to speak English, you'll need a linguist to translate the traffic before you can do anything with it. You simply train your linguist to operate the kit and you've negated the need for an EW Sys Op.

    Of course there is more to being an EW Sys Op, you could go off to work with EOD, but then why would you do that if you were interested in the intelligence collection aspect of EW.
  4. Yeah right!

    However, remember if you want to EW Sys you must be prepared to take it up the shitter! FACT
  5. Dear KTC1 as you will have seen this was not the place to ask for realistic advice!! All jobs pay the same ish so find something that you caan endure sorry enjoy take the money and live for a good posting [mine seem to have been based around sunshine (cyprus / italy)

    A Smile for all of those self declared Gods children ' She was only the RTG's daughter but she did it because her Da Da Didit - Only the golden oldies still make me smile!!

  6. Hmm, your finger may be a little off the pulse. Not the place to discuss this in detail but you might want to have a look at the A&R that EW Sys Ops do nowadays. Even more amusing is the EW Sys Op that is front and centre on much of the Int Corps recruiting literature.

    In answer to the OP, both trades attract promotion to LCpl and High Band pay (currently £23,600 per annum) on succesful completion of Phase 2 training and have similar entry standards. In a nutshell though, what flicks your switch? IT and Network engineering and maintaining communications equipment or disrupting enemy communications, intelligence gathering and working within EOD Bomb disposal? Only questions that you can answer really.
  7. I think you missed the point of my post. I know what areas EW Sys Ops are employed in, but the original post didn't say "I want to be an intelligence analyst".

    If you want to work in Intelligence, IT and communications, the official Army website recommends only one trade. :wink:
  8. However, it is completely way off the mark! :D

    CS Engr all the way.
  9. Heya thanks for all your posts, I have decided to go with OPMI as my first choice and CS Engr as my second job choice. :D
  10. Top thing to remember in 3 years time:

    Army Form B241 - Application to Transfer.

  11. Best of luck bud! :wave:
  12. :D I've lost count of the number of Int Corps soldiers asking me about transfer to the Royal Corps.
  13. of the good things about the Int Corps is that they still have a presence in every regional Brigade, so there is quite a good chance of moving to unusual postings according to the soldier's preference.
  14. Evening gents, i am in the process of transferring into the R Signals and my job choice was CS Eng unfortunately i have found out today that there are no vacancies at my rank so i have been offered CS Op or EW Sys Op.

    So i guess my question really is how do either of these trades compare to the CS Eng for Promotion prospects, pay band, qualifications,postings and employment beyond the 22 years that i am most likely to be in the Army for??

    I'm swaying towards EW Sys Op TBH as i think it sounds a more interesting job.

    Again apoligies if this has been done many times before.
  15. EW Sys op is a lot better for promotion as i've just been told. as for the job it is by far a lot more rewarding than CS eng on tour that is. im currently on Herrick and althoug a CS op am doing EW job and is fantasticly rewarding even to the point of considering re trading this being my second tour doing this job.
    The only but is postings are pretty limited and its a small community so can be cliquey as they say.

    all the best.