Communication Systems Engineer Royal Signals HELP! INTAKES !

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Hi I'm new to this so go easy if my post is in the wrong place, but I can't find any new information regarding Communication Systems Engineer intakes. I passed ADSC yesterday with 119.75 which I was told is a solid grade.

I have been told that there was a recent intake of 9 places in January, and there wouldn't be anymore till the next recruiting year starting in April. I realise that there is going to be a wait as there is with the majority of Army roles now, but I just want to get some idea of with the grade I have got how likely it is that I am going to be eventually allocated and receive a start date.

Thank you for anyone that replies to my post!
No one can really answer that, unless the person planning Royal Signals intakes for next year happens to be here...

If it helps, I got around 125(ish) and was told I would be third(ish) on the list if I changed to CSE.
Yeah i understand that, it's just hard to get any idea I don't mind waiting but I do mind waiting for no reason what is your first job choice?
My first choice is RE - Surveyor.

I am in a similar position to you, in that I will be waiting until the next recruiting year for an intake - dont mind the wait - but will always have the worry that I will miss an intake or the intake wont be until march 2013 for example.

Don't quite understand why they wait until February to get the next batch of intakes on the system, kind of defeats the point of the grade system given you more notice for being loaded on an intake.
Yeah it's frustrating, I heard that they release the new intake dates around Christmas time or shortly after if that helps your situation. I think I'm going to just wait it out at least until then so I can get a better understanding as to my chances.
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